Share your music thread?


FYI the singer is Iain who is also in Great Cop/UNDO


oh lol I literally sent it to Howlett saying it sounded like Great Cop - great stuff


Nice to know that’s still a reference point for ya :wink:


Put out my third and final album of dusted-off and reworked tracks. Now on to new things :slight_smile:

This one is ambient, featuring lots of stringed instruments. Inspired by folks like Richard Skelton, Biosphere, Susumu Yokota, SOTL.


J.Ø.X (@itsjayohaxe) • Instagram photos and videos


trying to get ahead in the food-based poetry + synth + fuzz guitar genre


Starting work on some harder techno - pleased with this.


So I chucked a couple of demos of minimal drone things I’m working on onto Soundcloud if anyone’s interested. They’re supposed to run into each other so this probably isn’t the best method of sharing them. I think it’s fairly clear I’ve no idea what I’m doing.


Ooof that crunchy start on The Best of a Bad Job :ok_hand:


Just noticed some clipping I thought I’d sorted on the first track. Damn it I started this project in Audacity and I will finish it in Audacity, even it takes my sanity to do it.


Soundcloud is clipping so much stuff I upload right now. Things which sound perfectly clean as wavs, low-quality MP3s, bandcamp… BITT posted something in the DiS label thread about them changing their audio format recently.


Ah, ok. There’s still a decent chance it’s down to incompetence though tbf.


Ha! I like to think incompetent clipping is kinda my trademark sound.

I like the first track a lot - proper abyssal feel to it. Second one is a really nice contrast - has a real sombre feel of distance with the contrast between the busy feel of the sample and the melancholy of the music. Like an outsider looking in on folks having fun. In a good way. Gonna add it to the DiS playlist.

Oh gosh, and the harmony pushing through with a sense of clarity near the end. This is well good.


Thank you! Very kind of you to take the time, and I’m really glad you like them. I’m still working out a process that isn’t wild trial and error but I think I’m starting to approach what I’m aiming for.

The plan is to have a semi-beat driven third track and a big droning final number (it’s all based on a TS Eliot quite “The best of a bad job is all any of us really make of it” y’see). Then learn a better DAW than audacity before I lose my mind.


My pleasure.

Kinda love the process of wild trial and error. Messing around with filters and flangers until I stumbled across something that sounds incredible.


Got a few tracks I think will become an Autechre-y IDM album at some point.


Thought I hadn’t shared anything for a while, so here’s something I’m quite proud of (for how it samples this - - while ending up sounding satisfyingly different).


I don’t know much about IDM (not 100% sure I’ve ever listened to a full Autechre album…) but I do like this. Tilt is ace - so much lovely beats and drones swirling and popping around my headphones. I love the use of space.

Watch Out is plain creepy though. I was not ready for the transition from Tilt to that Gonna have nightmares now.


Yeah, it’s quite jarring now! Really pleased with Tilt thanks. Stumbled into the opening bloopy bit while trying to create a melody on another track and felt like it deserved its own composition building around it.


This sounds like it needs an MC who’s been stoned for the last 5 years to be rapping about old SNES games and pop tarts over it or something.

(This is a good thing).