Share your music thread?


kind of both hate and love crap synth sax


This is incredible. Love that crap synth sax


Cooked up a couple of IDM-y tracks over the weekend. Feel like they’re both 80% formed and I need to come back to them in a few weeks to add some flourishes.

First one has a kinda eerie vibe to it - feels like it should sit in track 3 or 4 on an album maybe.

Second one is also kinda eerie but in a way which ends up quite upbeat and busy - got this pinned as an album closer.


released a track last week from a new EP i’m working on -


thanks man! you are being insanely productive lately I’ve noticed. Leg Bop is v cool and pretty intense. Would be good with a mad light show.


Hiya everyone, hope you don’t mind me posting a few links - I know I’ve not been around very long but this thread came up and I thought you might enjoy some of my stuff - I’ve not just joined to JAG!

I’ve got a few things going on - my ‘main’ thing is echo-y post-rock-y indie rock stuff, basically just early British Sea Power crossed with Deerhunter and excessively long run times. The last major release I did came out in August and is basically an exercise in wanton miserabilia post-massive break down, and an attempt at examining how neoliberalism is incredibly destructive for our mental health in a lot of different ways which may be of interest to you lot? Here’s what I reckon is my favourite track from it anyway:

And then more recently I’ve released a couple of drone albums - each one has two roughly half-hour long tracks, the most recent one tries to explore new spaces and stuff, but you guys tell me!



I set myself up an office space in our attic conversion and something about that space os really working for me.



I set myself up an office space in our attic conversion and something about that space os really working for me.


Laura Marling just stole my band name!


Sue 'em Gert! Sue 'em real good!


No longer sat alone in a boggy marsh


Maybe they’ll just let me have a ceremonial maraca role?

Looks like there was some early 2000s techno entity working as LUMP as well… nothing new under the sun


Awww, ‘Lump’ is my fave DiS artist name


Trying to sound all tech noiry


Well there is this tune I wrote about a walrus recently …

#378 This is pretty decent I think.


New trip hop from us down in New Zealand


This is cool - real shimmery


I only regret that it’s so short (had to finish recording quickly, as a crumpet was about to burn)


that should be the title obviously