Share your music thread?

I like this

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Ambient/Noise/Drone -

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Lo-fi to the point of being difficult to listen to hauntological dark ambient!

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Oh, and there’s a short story to go with this collection:

Some things I did last year. I tried to do a song a month all year but by June or July it had truely begun to drive me a bit mad. Still got nine done though -

Hey rainmaker
(come away from that man)

Thanks for the comments, much appreciated
yeah, the album needs serious editing - to many tracks & they’re way too long. My current thinking is that it will be just tracks 1 - 12 and even those in shorter versions. Around 48 minutes max would be optimum. It’s 2 hours now.

as for ‘♃’ I very recently deleted it off Bandcamp in order that the releases on Spotify/Apple/Tidal/iTunes etc and the ones on bandcamp would match. Good to hear that it’s still getting rotation

The next step with the LP though is to compress it to a roughly hour long mixtape (ie a continuous mix with a few other bits & samples thrown in that I would never get clearance for/wouldn’t put on an LP) which I will stick on bandcamp while trying to sort a label for the release proper. The mixtape should be up in a fortnight or so if all things run to plan. I guess I’ll be around these parts letting everyone know when that happens :wink:

thanks for listening

Part way through this. To sound really cliched, there’s a warmth to it, texturally, that I really like. Really cool stuff.

hope to have something good to post in here this year!

i like brexit music cos it’s mellow but not so much you stop paying attention to the changes and the progression, and henkan wotsit, it has a fun widdliness to it plus the changing percussion keeps me guessing. Uploaded a better version of this not too long ago. I’m pretty proud of this in an artistic sense, but I’m not sold on the mix yet

This is superb!

cheers pal <3

Current band Mountain Schmountain released an album last autumn, indie/emo stuff. Dunno if embedding will work, but bandcamp is here:

Ah, was overcomplicating. Vid here.

Here is a band I’m in we are good IMHO

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Vocals remind me a little bit of Jacobs Stories? It’s very good!

don’t tell me that’s another emo band…

Ooo I like this a lot!

I see you put a Christmas single out. Please remind me to listen to it 11 months from now.

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Aw thanks! We’ll have an album out at some point this year too so I imagine I’ll be pretty incessant on here!

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So, we just released in Decembre this piece of music (some gazy rock)