Share your music thread?


I make psych folk, space/synth pop influenced, indie vibes

sneak peek of my newest track


Oh wow, your drone is dark. It’s like Thomas Köner turned up to 11.


I may have had to look up Thomas Köner, but I’ll absolutely take that!! His stuff seems darker than mine to me - or at least more still, which I find somewhat terrifying on a cosmic level, though that’s obviously personal preference… Looking to do another drone album in the next few weeks too, it’s super fun to make as a process, like action painting and all that abstract expressionist stuff.

The percussion in the stuff you’ve posted lately is really cool btw, reminds me of a jerkier Cavern of Anti-Matter, which can only be a good thing. Leg Bop is just a bit of a banger all round tbh. And, as others have said, For Susumu is just gorgeous.


Ah cheers dude :blush:
The album which will feature Leg Bop is in the mastering phase now - excited for people to hear the whole thing. Think it’s turned out really nicely.


All that beat stuff became an album of early Autechre inspired work.

And I’ve started working on some new things in a similar vein. Here’s the first thing to come out of that.


:grimacing: new thing i’m working on. took a few lessons from kanye and decided this will be an ongoing project, updating, tweaking, fucking off where appropriate, trying to evoke that feeling of having a nightmare and waking up alone in a dark room :grimacing:

(“trial” is going to be different eventually, gonna morph into this fucked up dubby ting, but this works as a template)


me mate Jim made this video for me group

(he didn’t know who Rod Hull and Emu were til he did this cos he’s so damn young)

[meta] Is it ok to share your own releases here?

I wish I hadn’t listened to this straight after faffing about with my own stuff. Some majestically ominous tones at work here. I’ve only listened to the first half of it but it sounds like you’re well on your way to invoking that feeling of disoriented foreboding and panic after waking up from a bad dream.


Continuing in my own personal vein of just bumming around in no particular genre, I made this, which sits rather at odds with all the lush and wonderful things everybody’s been showcasing here.


That synth blast at 3:11 made me smile


Just popped this on.


Thanks! I’ve got to say, your dedication (amongst others, but you’re here right now!) to listening to and giving feedback on other people’s stuff is really awesome. I was just being kind of unashamed and thinking of the kind of music I liked when I was in sixth form, so it’s quite brightly coloured and so on.


My pleasure! The whole DiS label thing basically came about because I’d heard so much good stuff on here purely because I also happen to post on this forum. Bloody love what everyone is doing.


‘Bottle’ is so good


This is properly hilarious, the bit with the freezer my God


haha, thanks man!


really dig this. Sounds kinda vintage and minimal wave (totally my thing) but also a bit like a TV show theme tune (which is also my bag!)


also, ‘no particular genre’ is the best way IMO


aw, cheers pal! too kind :blush: it’s taken forever this time around to get 12 tracks i’m happy with. definitely needs a lil more tweaking tbh. do you ever find you go through a fallow patch until something happens with one track that suddenly unlocks whatever was stopping the creative flow overall? would love to know how to make this happen att.

@AphexTwinkletoes ha, i really wanna divulge the samples but i also like the mystery. believe it or not that one was like 15 minutes long a few months ago, thought trimming it right down would give it a more-ish flavour.


Nice - that was the one I had earmarked for the sampler, although also loved Nature Documentary - thoughts?