Share your music thread?


it’s your shout, i’m not very good at knowing what to choose of my own stuff tbh. you have my proxy (can’t believe i’ve never had the chance to say that before).


Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Story of my music making hermit life


when you have 16 bars and you’re like, so what else should happen here? what story am i telling?

but everything you try sounds awful and eventually you just play the 16 bars on a loop while rocking back and forth in a corner, sobbing hysterically.


Thanks! I heartily endorse both of these reference points.


The main bulk of my coming up with stuff is listening to looped bits repeatedly (I’ve developed slightly needless processes whereby I force myself to as part of saving everything) and it sucks when something sounds good but unfinished and with ideas not forthcoming


This is why I like making droney stuff.

“What should happen here, other colossalhorse?”
“I’d probably stick some ethereal weirdness in if I were you colossalhorse.”
“Ethereal weirdness it is! Cheers, other colossalhorse!”


New thing - kinda spacey techno which feels like it will one day be an album closer.


this is bloody lovely.


This is mad! I love it :smiley:


Thanks, glad you like it!




POLL: what should I call my musical project name now ruddy Laura Marling has made a band called LUMP?

  • Henry Courgette
  • King Prune
  • B9 2MA (Benign Tumour)
  • stay as LUMP
  • something else

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Ruby KitKats


Raula Larming


Alarming Raul


LUMP is the answer.
Failing that, Henry Courgette


Stick an umlaut over yr u.



Wouldn’t that be Loomp?


Ah, of course. I’m thinking of the o with an umlaut.