Share your music thread?


Couple of new tracks of mine feature on this compilation, both collaborations. The second track isn’t actually finished :confused: was waiting on some vocals to be added but it didn’t happen, alas.


Seer is dark! Cool though - I like those hauntingly flat (not out of tune, just y’know, evocatively flat) vocals.


Heh, thanks! Admittedly the vocals were a tad rushed but I think they came out okay.


really loving this, finding it sinister and relaxing at the same time! The perfect blend <3


Thanks Bam - that means a lot. Really glad you enjoyed it.


my band has a new single out today! Would be lovely if y’all gave it a listen


Guitar work on this is really cool. Nice and angular.


Did an album of sad and eerie instrumentals, mostly for solo guitar but sometimes with drums/loops/synths as well. Lots of delay pedals running back into themselves and wooshing all over the place in the background. Do let me know what you think!


done a new electronic track


#intergalactic #quibble


This is well cool - I get such strong Aphex Twin RDJ album vibes from your electronic work. Assume from the description it’s part of the Qaptain Qoulshed project?


thanks! Yeah it fits into that EP I think. Weirdly I’ve never really listened to Aphex. tbh I don’t listen to much electronic music, so it’s sort of hard for me to guage what I produce, which means it’s really good to have validation from someone like you who knows what they’re talking about!


Great song, great name :ok_hand:


Huh, well colour me surprised. I think you would really enjoy his Richard D James album based on the stuff you’re producing.


This is really good! It’s wonky and off-kilter in all the right ways. Love the wobbly synth sounds and those weird metallic clunks and bashes.

Totally see where this comparison is coming from!


my band released the first single from our new album a few weeks back

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lovely concise jangler. singer has a strong voice too. What do you play fitz?


thanks man! i play guitar and sing, got the vinyl back for the album from the pressing plant last week, been a long time since i’ve put something “proper” out so it’s exciting! :grinning:


too much genius to keep up with itt tbqfh, keep it up mates.


our new single is out today

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new electro joint