Share your music thread?


Really like that squelchy bass


*space fart


Released a new single today -

Live version here -


listening to this now, really nice groove and the vocal melody is interesting and unpredictable! Great work


this is lovely! Love the way it builds and drops into this kinda plaintive valley only to rise and fall later in the track. Big fan of things i can’t quite pin down to major or minor. Great work


this is gorgeous. Love the warbly lead line! Reminds me of old mega drive games in the best way.


Thanks man! :slight_smile:


ah cheeers bam! I got a silly 80s keyboard off gumtree and I’m gonna milk it for all it’s worth (£20) . Looking forward to hearing your new jams


ah cool! What keyboard? Is that what I’m hearing on this track? Incredible work if so!

Not too long until my new album now :slight_smile:


Cheers man!! The benefit of no accompaniment is it frees you up much more to drift into different keys and stuff. Definitely that, and definitely not that I just have no idea what I’m doing…


no I totally get you though, I have a lot of fun with that when I’m doing more “ambient” stuff (though I can’t seem to help but add drums/traditional structures to stuff. Guess I’m too much of a square :wink: )


Ha this record’s probably the only time I do that sort of stuff really (though I suppose with solos I never particularly try to stay in key, but that’s a bit different…) - I just wanted to rip off Flying Saucer Attack’s instrumental album/that whole seam of improvised solo guitar stuff that’s out there!


Here’s a new thing, very straightforward, nothing particularly nuts going on here.


Four-piece rock band in SC, self described as “genre-denying”, debut album now 36 days old.

Available everywhere, free on bandcamp and


now on spotify!


our album is premiering today over on for the rabbits before it’s released on limited edition blue vinyl this friday

FFO: teenage fanclub, frightened rabbit, slackery indie pop stuff


Does anyone else get a suspicious amount of sound cloud plays from Bangladesh?


oh YOU’RE in that band? have you been trying to email me this whole time? :smiley:


think i emailed you once aye :slight_smile:


sorry, completely blanked on it, mixed your band with someone else I think, will have a listen