Share your music thread?


nae bother man, hopefully you’ll be into it!


just started a ‘solo project’


my shoegaze band’s first song



In case you lot haven’t been following on the social board, a whole bunch of DiS ‘electronic’ musicians have formed a label called Disintegration State. We’re putting out a sampler digitally plus a limited CD run (the packaging is beautiful and features an accompanying guide to the music from yours truly).

The quality is incredible throughout with one side focusing on ‘IDM’ and the other on ambient. We also have an excellent back-catalogue on the bandcamp page (all on spotify too) and a bunch of releases lined up for the next few months. DiSers on the sampler are…

We’re also on the twitter, facebook, and instagram if you want to spread the word on the old social media.




This looks fantastic. I meant to have more input on the label when the thread first started (not that you needed me!), I genuinely didn’t think you’d all get so far in such a short space of time. Well done! : )


Also I’m a bit late but @colossalhorse those Veins Full of Static tracks are really great, the bandcamp release added to the wishlist straight away



Thanks man! It’s absolutely never too late to say nice things about my stuff.


Ha! Thanks :slight_smile: It’s been an amazing collaborative effort so far. And so much good music coming out…


if you’d like to come see us live you can do so here:


Got my entry for that Sampling Holst competition I’ve mentioned a coupla times done. Not submished yet, as I’m still at the stage where I’m debating additional tweaks…


New song Toast Tuesday from my solo band Captain Frederickson.

For fans of Toast , especially toast on Tuesdays!


not my music really, but i played a bit of subtle guitar on a good pal’s absolutely stunning new single


What the hell? This is amazing. I hope you have a record deal


I just started with my own label releasing mainly my own music, however I’m looking for other artists’s works to release too. Label’s name is Trash Jazz Ape and you can learn more about it here:, and this is first release of the label, which is my own album, . Contact for submissions: , for collaborate etc : . Hope you’ll enjoy this stuff.


Absolutely box fresh Falling Stacks song -


made a world cup song…trying to make a stop-frame video now so I can go mega mega viral and be famous forever


Here’s mine. Mainly sketches. Am in need of a singer if anyone’s interested!


(shameless marketing push here, but Idles tweeted about this song the other day. So, you know, thanks)