Share your music thread?


and here’s that highly anticipated video…




:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Christ alive this is incredible


thanks dude! Might make a jag thread when the first game comes around


Just posted in the football thread on your behalf


Although I appear to have failed to make it a playable link while posting on my phone…


This is superb!


Another new one from my lot, here;


Just a thing I made playing about with that Korg app on switch. Need to get a digital audio interface that’ll allow me to record via digital optical as using my built in mic input is a disaster when it comes to noise :smiley: Cool being able to doodle ideas at work or in bed.


found this I made, not a serious track, but I found a youtube of gene simmons rambling on like grampa simpson which I thought would make a good godspeed-esque monologue, so I put it over a medley of loops i made (meant to update it with grampa simpson’s onion belt talk but haven’t got round to it)


Only just seeing this now… lovely stuff.


really dig this, man




good shitt bro :ok_hand:


My group’s most recent track, featuring some kid that I know from high school.


the shivon is leprosy sounds

no offense to lepers


Put out a new EP today -


forgot that i never posted in here. did an album

the story goes its an old album made on a long dead laptop so i dont have the stems to be able to do anything else with them, theres some mess on there, some stuff im not happy with but fuck it, its done now. i think of it as a deck-clearing exercise, now that its out of the way i can start working on stuff that im more into. most of this stuff is between 5 and 10 years old. there’s prob another EP of stuff that i recently found on an old laptop soon as well, then i think i’ll retire the name and start some noisier, dronier shit. this is kind of noisy electronica with glitched funk drums and stupid samples. a lot of its quite daft, about half of it im really happy with, some people seem pretty into it. you can buy a tape as well if you want, theres only 3 left. theyre taped over from things i found at my mam and dads house, so there was some spice girls, some smurfs, a lot of christian rock… the artwork is a continuous line drawing i did of my old dog, the tapes have a blown-up version of the same drawing cut into strips for each tape inlay. this artwork was a ridiculous idea which delayed me releasing the album by a couple of years coz i started working on it then realised how difficult it was and put it off again for another few months. id defo do releases taped over old stuff tho, i think thats a great idea. fuck doing the artwork thing again tho, that way madness lies

tl;dr: buy my tape


This is really good folks. Industrial funk :sunglasses: