Share your music thread?


and here’s that highly anticipated video…




:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Christ alive this is incredible


thanks dude! Might make a jag thread when the first game comes around


Just posted in the football thread on your behalf


Although I appear to have failed to make it a playable link while posting on my phone…


This is superb!


Another new one from my lot, here;


Just a thing I made playing about with that Korg app on switch. Need to get a digital audio interface that’ll allow me to record via digital optical as using my built in mic input is a disaster when it comes to noise :smiley: Cool being able to doodle ideas at work or in bed.


found this I made, not a serious track, but I found a youtube of gene simmons rambling on like grampa simpson which I thought would make a good godspeed-esque monologue, so I put it over a medley of loops i made (meant to update it with grampa simpson’s onion belt talk but haven’t got round to it)


Only just seeing this now… lovely stuff.