Share your music thread?


thanks man :fist_right::fist_left:


This is good! I can listen to beats and samples for days when done well. And this is done well.

Gonna buy a tape when I get paid if I remember.




I’m working on some more textural techno right now - programming lots of weird synths and then letting them do their thing with less focus on step-sequenced melodies. Think this is the best output so far.


the video for our new single is premiering on the skinny website today


This is good!


thanks man!


Thought James Graham was singing for a second


The GBOLs Disintegration State are putting out my debut record in a couple of weeks time, here’s a track from it!

And the full thing is available to pre-order here :raised_hands:




i have just ‘dropped’ a ‘video’


Idk how to to embed a bandcamp but here ya go.


Check out this music video, shot and recorded in London!

EVIL FM - BLESS4ME (Official Music Video)


dont own the music, but i just want to share a music thats really greatm
You all can find their music on youtube. here’s the link Share a happiness its good right ???


Wanted to share this awesome chilled acoustic cover of The Outfield’s Your Love. Love this.


This song is really lovely


thanks man, glad you liked it!

while i’m jag-ing we still have a few copies of the blue vinyl left which you can get from here:


Giving the album a spin now - this is great!


You appear to be new here. Typically, this thread is used by regular posters to share their own music as part of the community. The Classifieds board is more for promoting other music, or genre-specific threads for things in which you do not have a vested interest.

*Yeah I realise the irony of this explanation as the guy running a record label of DiSers and promoting it with wild abandon


okaay, sorry for my mistake to understand what the purpose of the thread. i’ll delete my post soon hehe thank you for your info and explanation :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: