Share your music thread?


No worries. Noticed a few folks joining and posting straight to the thread so just wanted to set context.


Hi, is it a right forum to share our own music ? just make sure so i wont messed up here


This thread is generally used for sharing music made by folks who are also regular posters on the boards (i.e. are contributing to the broader discussion in the music and social boards). Artists who have joined just to share their own music tend to post in the Classifieds board.

I guess there’s a broader discussion to be had about the best way for upcoming artists to use the boards as a promotional tool. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing so - just this isn’t the thread for non-regulars IMO. I wonder if the classifieds would be more usable with rolling threads for broad genres?


Wonder if thread access can be restricted to certain badge level


okaay thank you for your answer :smile:


My Denver-based rock trio Moonlight Bloom - help us classify the genre :slight_smile:


so technically this isn’t my music as I’ve only recently joined the band who had already written and recorded this EP, but I am now playing in the band Mean Caesar, who are FFO the likes of gruff punks Iron Chic, Latterman, Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike etc

anyway, “we” (note: I’m not in it) have a new video from our upcoming self-titled EP which we have a launch happening at The New Cross Inn on the 13th of Oct:


I finished most of the work on this stuff about three months ago and was intending perhaps to mess around with it a bit more but then thought, nah, just chuck it out somewhere and start on the next project, it’s not supposed to be all-consuming! So here is some stuff.


I know im late as this post was done ages ago but no harm in posting my EP.


Hi my band dropped a new single HIGHWAYS.

Yew! X


This probably isn’t the place for this, but I have nowhere else to share my totally ridiculous joy, so I’m going to do it here - I made my first ever sale on Bandcamp the other day! Some utter nutcase actually bought a track of mine (if it was any of you, sorry for insinuating that you might be mentally unstable). Made my week tbf


Yup this is some cool stuff right here.


ah thanks pal. still some tapes left if you want one!


Disintigration state put out my debut a few weeks ago. If the idea 10 minute long glitch-house prog-rave sounds like something you need in your ears/life, then you should probably listen to The Alchemist and investigate further from there. If it doesn’t then you should probably avoid my output entirely.


Official* theme of the XFL.



The first album (of my current project anyways) is out next Friday. I’ll probably post about it again in the ambient/drone thread as it’s that sort of thing but a bit noisier.

Preview and Bandcamp here:

I also made a video for the closing track:


Sweet! Look forward to giving this a listen


Cheers : )


Would, but I have nothing to play the damn things! Digital purchase it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s your more recent stuff sound like? Similar vein?


ah thanks v much! im prob going to put an ep out at some point that’s in a similar vein but then im thinking of retiring the name since my more recent stuff is sort of more ambient noise/drone type stuff