Share your music thread?


Released a new track today, kinda ambient / chilled but gets glitchier towards the end. EP out before the end of the year.

Put together a video of sorts for it here -


I just made a piece of piano music, completely improvised, recorded on my iPhone and played around with in GarageBand. Hope you like it!


Cool instrumental stuff from a friend of mine.


I’m one half of the world’s first transatlantic Autistic musical duo (as far as we know). Debut single is out 30th November:


Hey everyone. I’ve teamed up with a fellow songwriter, and this is our first collaboration.
Thanks, Marissa.

The Eves - “Tides”


(sorry, don’t know how to embed)


3 track EP on bandcamp today.
FFO Death Cab, Weakerthans, Idlewild, twinkly wordy emo shit


Inspired by the YouTube thread, I made a video:


And in honour of another trip around the sun, here’s some more odds and ends


First time poster in this thread


good to see this thread still going strong


Single is out today! Joy!


Here’s a new thing for mornings and evenings


Anyone mind if I humbly drop a horns-aloft health-Goth monster jam in here?


New 6-track EP came out on Friday.


Merry Christmas from Ubiquitous Meh!


I’ve done some more, these are geographically themed! I also used some new techniques, which I am quite happy with.


Need to go through all your recent posts :slight_smile:


I’d love to hear your thoughts! It’s less of a massive task than it first appears, the two Soundcloud bits are included in the two Bandcamp releases anyway


this is proper lovely, really digging it :+1:t3:


Thanks, that’s awesome!