Share your music thread?


Released a new track today, kinda ambient / chilled but gets glitchier towards the end. EP out before the end of the year.

Put together a video of sorts for it here -


I just made a piece of piano music, completely improvised, recorded on my iPhone and played around with in GarageBand. Hope you like it!


Cool instrumental stuff from a friend of mine.


I’m one half of the world’s first transatlantic Autistic musical duo (as far as we know). Debut single is out 30th November:


Hey everyone. I’ve teamed up with a fellow songwriter, and this is our first collaboration.
Thanks, Marissa.

The Eves - “Tides”


(sorry, don’t know how to embed)


3 track EP on bandcamp today.
FFO Death Cab, Weakerthans, Idlewild, twinkly wordy emo shit


Inspired by the YouTube thread, I made a video: