Share your music thread?

Hi! Fist post.

I made a song to Amy Winehouse vocals. I played all the instruments with a keyboard and didn’t use any pre-recorded loops:

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This is just great!

Check it, my bandmate Kenny and I are working on a record here in Nashville, TN. We are lucky enough to have brave fans who are taking us into the studio at MTSU. We believe in education. Education is punk. #folkyou

This is super cool

Think I’ve said it before, but I really like this

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This is my band:

Shoegaze / post-hardcore / whatever. Only live recordings so far. We had recorded an EP last year, but have decided to sack it off as it’s not nearly as gnarly as we’d like. Going to do it again later this year.

Thanks for commenting. I checked out the song you posted. I like the stoner sound and the quieter part post 2 mins. I’m not a fan of the screaming personally, although I’ve had my time with death- and thrash metal too in the past.

Thanks a lot. The words that first come to mind from your song are “delightful” and “fresh”. The mixing needs to be a bit better but I guess you’ll be working on it at the studio.

The mix is a demo mixed on headphones. Thanks for your feedback.

Going to check out loads of these tomorrow when I have time.

Here’s an album my band put out last year. Improvised bleak noise rock. Fun stuff! New album this year!


for christmas, my friend made me a video for one of our band’s sillier numbers, meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme:

Three tracks in - this is very VERY good. You keep saying it’s too long, and perhaps it is. But the world needs more SPRAWLING albums. And if it’s this much fun throughout, then I urge you to put your scissors down and bask in the SPRAWL!

cheers 1982 (if I may call you that) though I’d perhaps reserve your judgement until 17 tracks in :smiley: (or maybe until track 12 at least)

embrace the sprawl eh? hmm…

I’d rather you called me 9082! But it’s just a meaningless string of numbers, so don’t worry, be happy, call me what you will, and yes: Embrace the sprawl.

oh wow, totally misread your name, sorry

thanks for listening though. Any track in particular that’s floating your boat?

Loverboy’s been stuck in my head for some hours now. It’s like one of the gentler tracks on I Care Because You Do. Sort of. In a way.

yeah, I guess it is. I’ll take that

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Solo thing, there was an old version of it. I polished it up a bit. Here is a new version. Going to put something proper out again soon I reckons

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gonna JAG this again cos it doesn’t seem to be displaying properly upthread. first real attempt at ambient beatless stuff. concept is there in title:

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this is beautifully cold and alienating and frosty and shimmering at the same time

really enjoying it… though enjoying is perhaps not the right word

in any case it fits perfectly with the swirling snowstorm outside

I reckon you should send this to Mary Anne Hobbs - she’d be really into it, particularly Two Kids Find Shelter I’d have thought. This would fit right in on her 6Music Recommends show