Share your music thread?


This is really great! Thanks for sharing.
I also would like to share one song of my music project:


I post here occasionally, and I’m in a band called Failed Psychics. We’re based in Brighton, and we’re a semi-acoustic math punk trio. Here’s our new EP on Bandcamp, to stream or download for free.



Put out an album of Live sessions and unreleased tracks from this year for free at bandcamp -


I just released my first EP, I’m new to this forum. If you are into Instrumental, Alternative music then give it a listen :metal:


Happy New Year, Music Board! Here’s another new thing, if anyone’s got any thoughts on the way this mix works I’d be well up for hearing them because I’m trying something new and I don’t know how well it’s worked. It’s a draft anyhow.


I made some shitty dance track last night whilst bed-ridden with shingles :frowning:


Longtime DiS reader, erstwhile minor contributor and bass player in this lovely band. Toronto-based Akage No Anne: Sweet psychedelic electro pop with Japanese-accented vocals. We brought out this track today:


I like the bit around 3 mins where the beat changes with the harmony :+1:
In terms of the mix, I wonder if you’re getting a bit of clipping in that section (although I’ve found soundcloud clips mp3s I’ve uploaded which have no clipping at all in the source files so could be that…)


New video came out yesterday. Premiere comes with guest blog from my awesome bandmate.


I’ve just popped a gussied-up version of that and another thing on Bandcamp - I’ve tried to be much more gentle with my mixing and so on this time around, learning as I go a bit.



(it’s a bit loud)


Just checked and realised that I’ve never posted in this thread.

Here’s the music video for our last single:


This is gorgeous :slight_smile:

You don’t look quite how I remembered though.


Thanks, dude. It’s amazing what they can do with make-up and CGI these days. I thought I needed to match my look to my breathy vocals better.


There’s a bit of rock at 3:17 which looked oddly familiar - where is it filmed?

Edit: yeah I realise how weird I am


The Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland.


Absolutely not then! Just a really similar formation at a crag near Skipton.


This is really lovely! Makes me feel like I’ve had a massage, but without having to endure any disgusting human contact!


Thank you!