Share your music thread?

This thread is fantastic! It is really nice to hear what you guys are doing and I am really glad that I am able to share something myself. It’s the very first song with my name on it:

Merry Saturday! Here’s a little something for you all


I’ve been meaning to jump in here for ages and share my stuff too.

My last album was titled “Mutable” and I was utterly thrilled when it got picked in Headphone Commute and A Closer Listen’s best of 2018 selections! I was also very honoured to have an Arovane remix included in the release. I’ve been a fan of his for two decades! It’s an album of slowly mutating and evolving drone compositions (hence the title).



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Hope you it’s to your liking :slight_smile:

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And in extra news, my new album just hit its funding goal so I’ll be getting to do vinyl for it too :slight_smile:

Really happy with the way this new one has come out!

I spent 2018 basically getting Dawnwalker’s discography up to scratch, re-released our first album XIII (2012), the s/t EP (2014) and another EP called Mandala that was all songs written 2012-15. All were either remixed or re-recorded from scratch, here’s the s/t one:


Everything you have put out is gold

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Decided to go back to what I used to do a bit and do a song with vocals etc. Because why not? Here is a song with vocals etc.

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Released a new album with my improv trio NOT EARTH today. Eight tracks of improvised free hardcore. Check it out it!


Feel pretty foolish sharing these in a thread where everything else is so accomplished, but here’s a sampler demo of some tracks I’ve been working on.

N.B. Please forgive the fact that these are very rough drafts. All on samplers imitating the instruments they’d ideally be played on for a recording. Single-note piano/synth lines are the intended vocal melodies. In a completely unrelated note if anybody knows any musician-folk in Oxford looking to play please send them my way!

Anyway, enough waffle. I hope you enjoy these little ditties, imperfect as they are :slightly_smiling_face:

Put out the first track from my new album today -

Techno / Progressive House-ish I guess.

I supplied the beats for this. A talented work colleague then made them into these tracks with only an iPhone at his disposal. What you can do these days etc. etc.


The Finnish dream pop/shoegaze band Radio Supernova form their music out of fuzzed-out guitars, pulsating rhythms, and ethereal vocals. Radio Supernova was born out of love towards greater-than-life walls of sound, jangly melodies, and melancholy in general. Radio Supernova hail from Tampere, the Manchester of Finland. This is where Radio Supernova was born in the autumn of 2017. Radio Supernova initially released their first two singles in the spring of 2018. Their first full-length album Tähtiin was released in the March of 2019. Tähtiin (lit. “To Stars”) contains its own universe, the immersive atmosphere of which leads the listener high above the Earth. Tähtiin is essentially music from beyond, and of love.

Radio Supernova on Spotify:


started putting together my second record. it’s five tracks, so an EP really, but it’s also half an hour, which feels long for an EP. what do you reck, is it an EP?

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also ive got to say, it is way stronger than my first record :sunglasses:

An album. Spiderland is about 40 minutes and it’s six tracks, so why not?

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dont think it matters really. thought about adding more to it but ive nothing else finished that im happy with so its staying as it is. works well as a tape too, the first three tracks are 15 mins and more straightforward, the last two tracks are 15 mins and more noise/drone so its good for side 1 and side 2

I’ve got a new album coming out next week, called Formic Syntax. It’s sort of half ambient, half not-very-ambient-at-all :slight_smile:

Also running a little competition and you can win a signed CD or Vinyl copy!

Full details on the release here:

Hope you like what you hear :slight_smile:

New Falling Stacks here. Please listen.

Better link for the non-weekend crowd. If you watch it and tell me what you think, I’ll buy you a pint. #needybandtwat


I didn’t buy any pints.