Share your music thread?


funky! Really like the erratic noisy build up towards the end. Cool and novel video too!

No need to buy me a pint though don’t worry x

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Sounds like a cross between mcLusky and Jackdaw with Crowbar. This is a Good Thing. (Will buy you a pint in the future.)

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Thanks! Another review used the f word too. Think we might need to just accept it now and target the RHCP support slot after all.

Really appreciate someone listening!

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no problem, I often feel guilty that I don’t get around to checking out all the music people on here create, gonna try to make an effort to change that :slight_smile:


Pint to this person.

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Yeah, I am very much part of the problem as never listen to a thing from anyone else as assume everything is terrible. Which is slightly harsh on all locally produced music.

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all music is locally produced music :slight_smile:


Think it’s an old Paul Merton gag; I always like to live locally.

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Glad you guys are still going. I have your Dogo Argentino EP in fact!

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Huh, cool, thanks!


my new album is out this week. Playin’ London and Notts this weekend :slight_smile:

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Put out a new track on Friday. Bit different, collaboration with a mate using his beats from a pocket operator PO-12, resampled and then built a track around them. New album out in a couple of weeks.


hello friends

our new video is premiering on the skinny today

for fans of: real estate, camera obscura, medicinal tonic wine

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I put together a video for the most recent sounds I made… uncleared samples from youtube galore

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My label just put out this yesterday. Patrick is a musician, painter and autism rights advocate. FFO goth-pop.


my new album’s out


My band Captain Frederickson’s new album Heel Heat is up for pre-order.Out 06/19/19

It’s $1.01 but would be $0 or pay what you want if allowed but for pre-orders there has to be atleast a dollar price . Regardless 100% of proceeds it any will go to the Make a Wish foundation.