Share your music thread?

Breathe is gorgeous :ok_hand:

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Thanks buddy! I’ve been trying and failing to make a track in 6/8 on and off for about 10 years and this is the first one I’ve liked. View it as the closing credits to the imagined story told by the other darker tracks (pretentious musician alert!)

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here’s my latest videuh

Is there a specific thread to JAG your gigs rather than your music? Playing this micro-festival in Manchester in November :metal:


hello pals, it’s your old pal, ‘Tar Pool’ here. I have a new album:

it’s sort of “lo-fi”, “”indie-folk””. Hoping to make a lot of money out of this one :slight_smile:
Hope you’re well.

greegree . bandcamp . com




Feleased some music last month. I’m Susan Augustt from Ghana

Let me know what you think

You can get it on Spotify and Soundcloud or apple music

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Captain Frederickson album Heel Heat is out now at all the usual streaming places and bandcamp. Don’t know how to do an embedded Spotify link of I would.

For fans of not very good songs!

[sunlight - nashita.](

Something I’ve been working on for


my new album is finally on Spotify

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This is out today - I (sunbane) produced three of the tracks. The while album is good though - feels great to be a part of something so cohesive.

Plus, I can vouch for the fact that the album was called Anima long before Thom Yorke got his grubby little mittens on the name.

Anyone around Cardiff can catch us both performing at the Moon on Womanby Street tonight


Does anyone have a sort of anxiety about sharing music they produce and write?

I’ve been writing songs for years, yet I think I’ve played my stuff probably only a handful of times, and even get nervous about the thought of sharing with people who would probably be open to giving pointers.

Was gonna start a thread but thought here would probably cover it

I used to, a lot. I found that the only way through it was to grit my teeth and share. Once I’d started getting positive feedback (wasn’t immediate - still had learning to do) the anxiety went.

I remember first time I went to an Ableton User Group (when I lived in Brisbane), playing stuff and sitting there being so tense that I could feel my pulse in my ears. I’m a fairly experienced public speaker and usually fairly confident, but the idea of something so personal to me being judged (rather than a presentation or lecture at work) really set me on edge.

Much happier to do so now - I’ve got enough confidence from the good feedback I’ve received that I’m convinced that it’s a matter of taste, rather than talent, if someone likes my work or not now.

Wish I could offer advice other than, “It will get easier the more you do it”, but I’m afraid I don’t know any other way through it.


Been working on this for a few days. Think it’s there.

As you can tell, I wear my influences on my sleeve sometimes :slight_smile:

I shared some space travel themed music yesterday. It’s what kind of remains of an unfinished EP from 2014 that I salvaged from my old laptop

It’s very slight tbh but I’ve got a soft spot for it

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put out a sort of mixtape of old dawnwalker outtakes, oddities, b-sides, etc. not quite sure what it is or what to do with it yet so it’s up here for a short time:

weirdly might be my favourite thing i’ve done even though it’s just loads of odds and ends.

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Decided to cobble together all my favourites I’ve done as Pampered Fists and put it on Bandcamp as a compilation. Here it is…