Share your music thread?

Not my music but did a summer mix. Suns out at the moment (at least where I am) so get yer fill

Features gbols @AphexTwinkletoes, @McGarnagle and @BifoIsou amongst others


Got this on now and it’s great :slight_smile: Is there a tracklisting?

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Cheers dude! Yeah sure (Spoilered in case anyone wants to go into it fresh)

1 Gemini (Whatever Happened to You) - Jacob Nico
2 Ultramarine - Private Agenda
3 Bloom - Leit Motif
4 Lindsay Brohan - Javelin
5 Murmurations - Tall Ships
6 Circle - LITE
7 Digital Love - Daft Punk
8 Mind Mischief - Tame Impala
9 Electricity - The Avalanches
10 Beverly Hills - luxury elite
11 Flowers - Little Simz, Michael Kiwanuka
12 Breathe - Steve Hadfield
13 Ganzfeld (Parts I - IV) - Lowering
14 Treeton - Fang Island
15 Airbag - Radiohead
16 Salad Days - Mac DeMarco
17 Monastic Cafe - Merz, Laraaji


this is great, a stitch in time is mega

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Ah, cheers matey :smiley: thanks for listening!

We put our new album out the other week. Very proud of it, it’s been getting some decent write ups too which is always encouraging. Record features contributions from Craig B (Aereogramme) and Caroline Cawley (Dystopian Future Movies/Church Of The Cosmic Skull).

Started a very dumb noisy/noodly indie thing a little while back, just realised I forgot to put it in this thread :skull:

Here’s a track:

And here’s a video from my first gig I’m very pleased with:

As an aside - to those of you who gig pretty regularly, how do you manage to get shows? I’ve been emailing so many promoters and getting very little back and finding it quite hard not to get a bit ground down by it. I suppose it’s tricky if you’ve only got one demo out and very little else, but I reckon this project’s got legs so really keen to do more.

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for your home city try and find a venue yourself and hire it/put the gig on/promote it yourself, for gigs in other places try and find bands/artists that sound roughly similar to you and offer them gig swaps

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this is really very lovely.

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Thanks for this! Been trying to put on gigs but where I live there are only a couple of venues so they’re both booked out like 6 months in advance which is frustrating - got one for Christmas though. Gig swaps is a great shout, I’ll get on that :smiley:


Hi there guys! Is this thread just for sharing people’s originally music or and you also share music by other artists other Thea yourself? I’m new to this, so know really know how it all works. Thanks.

Haha brilliant. Loved that :joy::grin:

My band’s new single is out today!

This thread is for sharing your own stuff or, say, your friend’s band or something that you would like people to hear.

If you have published music by others you liked and you want to share then search for topics in the same genre maybe. A lot of the threads about a particular subject will have ‘rolling’ in the title, e.g. look through this

Or you could just add to the listening to thread

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My band released a new single last week. Really pleased with how it’s turned out, given it was recorded in a bedroom.


You’re playing that Stay Up Late gig in Brighton! I keep meaning to check your band out, will do that now :+1:t3:


New tune!

And new album now up on Bandcamp for pre-order :smiley:

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And another new tune :slight_smile:

Glad you said that. I don’t feel comfortable mentioning friends bands.

But, one for you and maybe others. Adam (Nosferatu D2/Tempertwig) current band have a new EP soon and there a song to listen to of that here.

This was recorded and produced with a proper producer (Lewis Johns) rather than the usual recording by Adam like most of the ND2 stuff. I thought you might want a listen.

Just put out a new track for my super scrappy indie project if anyone’s interested!