Share your music thread?


this is beautifully cold and alienating and frosty and shimmering at the same time

really enjoying it… though enjoying is perhaps not the right word

in any case it fits perfectly with the swirling snowstorm outside

I reckon you should send this to Mary Anne Hobbs - she’d be really into it, particularly Two Kids Find Shelter I’d have thought. This would fit right in on her 6Music Recommends show


having said all that, Trial of the Great Leader doesn’t fit with the others in this playlist - needs to sit somewhere else


aw thank you. yeah i’ve removed trial… thought i could maybe force it to work in the tracklist but no joy!


Less is more (I am the worst person at following my own advice!)

It’s a really tight little 6 track (mini) LP you’ve got there now. You should release it


here are my ropey recordings, not proper finished things like the stuff in this thread, just wanted something to reply to musician wanted ads with (not my actual account, don’t like mixing dis with real life)


Right I rejigged this slightly 'cos the sequencing wasn’t quite sitting with me properly. Decided to make something wallowing in misery because why not. I try to have a theme and stick to it when I’m making a longer piece. It’s about fear, evil, depression, isolation, etc. Tried to simulate the feeling of a codeine experience with track 7.

Trip-hoppy, twitchy, glitchy, dub-steppy, shoegazy sort of preoccupation with texture and mood. The grooves are there but buried in despair. Influences: motor city drum ensemble, diazepam, ISIS, boards of canada, evil, four tet, bipolar disorder, “the death of yugoslavia”, gonjasufi, david lynch, resurgent fascism, etc


would you like to hear a taster from a new load of tracks i’m working on? hopefully you would. made half in new york on holiday and forgot about it until last week when i finished it. it’s unmastered so turn it up:

spot the samples :thinking::

ambient nyc sounds
girl from nyc bar singing
brian eno - climate study
twin peaks - dale cooper
radiohead - reckoner
my cousin playing zippo lighter
disney - when you wish upon a star


If anyone listened to this and enjoyed it, we’ve got a gig at The Good Ship in Kilburn on Saturday. Any DiSsers would be most welcome!


This is rather good, digging it a lot


cheers! got a little EP of stuff that didn’t make it on there coming out soon and me and a couple guys are working on turning it into a live band.


Nice one. I’ll definitely be checking it out


I’ll have some to share soon!

but it’s a bit shiiiit


first EP finally done after about 2 years


Keep listening to Vessel in particular, that flute/clarinet solo (or whatever it is?) at the end is divine


New release from Kallgeese (and friends.) Seven tracks for your listening pleasure.


made this the other day


cheers pal! yeah i love a good flute solo and the lass who played it is great.


Just listened to this. It’s great! Forgot I was listen to some guy off a forum.

This in itself is very odd. Everyone’s some guy.

Really good stuff, thanks for the ear joy. I’ll buy the cd.


Aw thanks pal, glad you enjoyed it!


Ambient weirdo-drone album I did in 2013:

Currently play drums/sing in these:

Occasionally make other stuff: