Share your music thread?


new EP i’ve just finished. some ambient stuff spliced in with beat-lead tracks. listening to a lot of house and shit while on my recent travels so tried to capture the mood. some authentic NYC and berlin street sounds jammed in there too :slight_smile:


Evening all. Seven track album from myself and a collaborator. Drone/ambient with some noise there too.


is your price on this broken?


shoegazey beats:


only on the first track so far but this is sounding awesome! Going to soundtrack some minecrafting with this <3


yeah this was great, sick beats and flow throughout!


why thank you mate. some of them aren’t fully mastered or are missing bass parts. had to put something up on SC tho cos it’s been a while. minecrafting you say? i feel honoured! love to relax with a bit of the ol’ tunes and gaming.


I didn’t notice a significant lack of bass was just enjoying grooving out.

Would love to collaborate with you on something some day!



My other band are coming back soon too:


Wearing your shirt today :slight_smile:


Awesome! A million thank yous!


This is my solo stuff. FFO: drone, ambient stuff


Some well good stuff in this thread.


just noticed that thing i posted above absolutely didn’t work. here’s ours anyway


my debut album is on the way :slight_smile: here are some demos


Hello! Just did a solo album, I’m quite pleased with most of it, especially the title track. Mainly for the FAO of @1101010 and @plasticniki who were two of the only people on the planet who dug the first one


Forgot to post my band’s Corbyn tribute in here—

Dunno how to embed it on my phone :sweat:


I love your stuff. No doubt I will love this n all


Thanks man, will check it out


Released a new single / EP last week -

Have an album ready to go just working out how to release it. Also been doing a bit of live stuff in the studio and put out the recordings the other week for free on bandcamp -