Share your music thread?


You can hear the album, Hinterlands, here:


hello @anon30627475, @rainmaker, @manches-brute, @ninetyeightytwo &etc

the 17 track fat sprawl rough album that you all listened to here in January is now an athletically shaped 8 track album what I did release onto Bandcamp yesterday

did a thread on the social board yesterday too, <— more details and CHAT over there;


anyone know what the best alternatives to soundcloud are now it seems inevitable their days are numbered?


i played the organ (and my new delay pedal) on this


well, according to Chance the Rapper Soundcloud isn’t going anywhere

Meanwhile, Mat Dryhurst (& others) are calling for a more co-operative solution

though these probably aren’t direct answers to your question

I don’t think there’s another platform that quite does right now what Soundcloud has/had been doing over the last 8 years or so

I’m hoping Soundcloud doesn’t disappear
If it does though, or threatens to, this might be useful for some of us here —>


yeah it would be a real shame if it goes, feel like it serves an important function as everyone has to start somewhere, so the wider industry should invest in it or a similar platform or something


Been making finishing touches to this all day, so thought I’d share it up.

A lot of it is sampled from music and sound effects from a film. I think it’ll be really easy to guess what it is, but I won’t say cause it’s a particularly slow kind of Sunday today.


this is really nice! I couldn’t guess what it’s sampled from to be honest but I’m not a film buff, just really liked the mellow vibe.


Working on a new album

Started quickly but seems to have lost momentum


I really like this


does it have a sample of a mobile vibrating on a table top in it? Cos I kept thinking someone was calling me when I was listening


Thanks to you and to @Bamnan!

The phone-ish sound is probably some stuttering bitcrushed drum machine snares I panned to the right (or some of the little weird sound effect samples I culled from Alien). That said, I think there are a couple of things I’ve done where my phone went off at some stage during recording and I ended up just leaving it in cause it weirdly fit.


I really like these! First and last tracks are especially sweet but some lovely imagery and harmonies in there

good work, please keep going :slight_smile:


No idea if this embed will work, but here’s our most recent single. For some reason we filmed a video and then didn’t put it on youtube. Went back into the studio a couple weeks back but our producer has just had a kid so we might not see it for a while.


Finally! No idea how much 75 SEK is supposed to be, but happy to fork it over

‘Tommy…’ is awesome, and the album sequencing and length is great. Feels like it has a proper flow which tends to make a big difference for me in terms of what electronic stuff i listen to.

I’ve been dabbling with learning analogue synths (via the volca keys) and it’s fucking hard (the bastard goes out of tune if it gets hot), but think it’s helped me appreciate this a bit more since I first listened upthread.


Thankyou kind sir - hope it gives you many hours of enjoyment. Took ages for me to finally hack it down & hive off tracks to get the flow & length it has. Went from 17 to 12 tracks & then I took out 5 tracks and released them a couple of months ago as a companion EP to be left with these 8 and it works!

as for synthesis - have you watched these - pretty comprehensive;

also quite entertaining in a very low budget, cheesy 80s way


did a drifty bit of space folk


trying more of this shoegazey trip hop business




mostly nylon string guitar and vocals


really nice and mellow with a kind of sinister and hypnotic undertone, also your voice is really calming :slight_smile: