Share your music thread?


why aren’t you famous? honest question.



probably because I don’t drive and live in a boring part of the country.


should get out there man, people with far less to offer than you make it all the time. you’d walk it if you shopped this to the right person. loving it.


this is awesome, love the way sparse synth line kinda tumbles in between the breakbeat (is it a breakbeat? forgive my ignorance)


ha yeah, it’s a kick and snare from an old jungle sample chopped up and spliced with me banging on a plantpot and rattling my gf’s car keys.


great atmosphere on this one too! Would love to hear a whole album of this, would be perfect for relaxing in the evening!


I love seeing if I can put silly bits of homemade percussion in stuff and banging on tables etc :slight_smile:


yeah it’s fun, especially when you warp something so much people don’t think you sourced it from what you said. sometimes i just whack something random and record it. got a piggy bank as a tambourine on one track somewhere.

makes me feel :sunglasses:


this is awesomely funky! Love the groove and syncopation between the guitar and handclaps/percussion on this, then when your organ and the drums and bass kicked in with a kinda krautrock feel was a really euphoric moment :slight_smile:


Ableton Live is great for that, if I recall you can even just hum a melody and convert it to midi…I really should be utilising all the fun stuff in it more


thanks man! really liked your last album so will check your new one out later today.

Also fully agree with you and @anon30627475 's fondness for tabletop percussion. When I get a laptop and manipulate/arrange sounds a bit more I’m gonna go wild with that kind of thing


ah cheers buddy, if you like it let me know

there’s a link in this thread to bandcamp if you’re feel like it too, but no pressure!

Yeah, what DAW do you use? With Live and a Push2 midi controller thing I could be doing way more cool and crazy stuff bit silly that I’ve decided to make an acoustic record but there we go, there’s always next time!


I’ve just got an all-in-one Tascam 8 track thing at the moment because I don’t have a working laptop to run anything on. Will hopefully change that at some point though.

You’ve got the guitar chops to get crazy and inventive enough on acoustic anyway. Did like the funky full band sound on Other People’s Lives though, impressive if you did all that on your tod


thanks man, there’s a couple of flashes of that on the new one but it’s more stripped back.


How is the Volca Keys? I really like the Volca drum machine (keep forgetting that’s analogue), but was apprehensive about how the size - which is fine for a drum machine - would suit a synth. They’re bloody good for what they cost though, major kudos to Korg.


So I originally got it because I’d had the volca drum machine (I am a drummer primarily) and wanted to try and learn how to use a proper synth, thought I could have some fun making small demos with the two of them.

I’d say unlike the beats (which I love and have even used live 3 times) it’s a far more restricted machine. Part of that is it took me forever to get a grip on how to make proper sounds, but also it has a tendency to go out of tune for no reason, trying to get it to play in time (even with the sync from the beats) is infuriatingly hard, and the keyboard is a bit of a mess as well - you have to be weirdly precise with your presses or notes drift out of tune (so playing chords becomes a nightmare).

That said, it’s also very fun to fiddle with, and discovering things (like making a glorious retro Zelda theme sound) is super fun. I’m out of the loop even when i try and use synth apps/programs on a computer so this has actually helped me learn a lot, and I am starting to demo some things. I’d say if you have experience with using analogue synths then it’s not going to do much for you, but as a beginner machine it’s cheap and real enough to be quite worthwhile.


I’m on this compilation… not out yet but it’ll be brill.


this is some eldritch, industrial electronics. There is vocal and karaoke version of the album.


oh i put this on bandcamp. i don’t expect anyone to buy it but if you’re of a mind to play it a bit it would make me feel far less lonely on there :neutral_face:


ah this is great, you really have that mellow trip-hop sound down perfectly! Really enjoyed this, will definitely listen again later.