Share your music thread?


thanks man!


I’ve recently started learning ableton live and still teething and learning and what not

Regardless here’s a thing my brain pooped out


I’m playing bass for this wonderful dude now. He’s the other half of WORM, I think I posted our album upthread!


another ep. more electronic and woozy:


One more I did whilst bored and/or a bit drunk

This is fun [and incredibly addictive] :slight_smile: Don’t know why I didn’t take it up sooner


oh yeah, and you surprise yourself at how much focus and effort you can put into something as minor as a snare sound or a bit of reverb in bar 14 on the pad, or when you eq something just right and it vibes really sweetly…:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Just listening to @ericthefourth’s album again having discussed DiSer music at the pub on Saturday. Still one of my fave releases of the last couple of years. Sacrum is such a good centrepiece :metal:


My 6th most played album in the last year apparently


:smile: cheers pal, you’re too kind. Rehearsing the next one at the min. Planning to put it out jan 1st all going well. Really wanna get out and play shows but the drummer is about to have a baby. Selfish as hell imo.


this is a new set but for some reason it’s saying it’s 4 months old. maybe cos 2 of the songs are. ah well. crackly dubsteppy trip hoppy shoegazey stuff.


After many months, the download problem is fixed with this. New album soon!



@bamnan @BodyInTheThames my first proper LP dudes. some you may have heard. it’s like a concept album. imagine a child smoking out in limbo and observing the world. crackly, trip hoppy, bleak beats with david lynch samples!


I made this for a compilation CD. Sounds way too compressed and I’m not sure why…


nahh, plenty of space to breathe. my speakers are quite far apart though? anyway i really like this. i heard a bit of clipping at 2:40 and again at 3:00 but nothing i would have noticed if you hadn’t mentioned it (would have assumed that was part of the soundscape, sounds good to me and adds a nice human sort of touch). did the guys putting out the comp mention anything?


Thanks - no nothing was mentioned at the time, could’ve occurred after I sent it to them perhaps, I’d need to check the original (which I haven’t done yet).


ah cool will listen in about 30 mins :slight_smile:


I’m on my hols and haven’t had a chance to listen yet

Will do asap


New music from KG and sixteen other people.

Recorded live in Gulpd, Cork City. All improvised, one take. The Council for the Dark Arts Orchestra presents ‘Live at Gulpd - 21.06.2017’.


Only started making music again at the weekend and I’ve already slipped into being a horrible spammer