Share your music thread?


Solo album came out in February. Reference points are Sigur Rós, Placebo, Cocteau Twins, Zelienople, Low, Sparklehorse and bands of that ilk.

(Spelling is different because of metadata weirdness when spelling it without spaces.)


love this!

The Tide That Never Came is really really nice!



How’s the new stuff coming along? Any teasers going?


We’ve only just started recording. Hoping to put it out jan 1st. This is a teaser of sorts :smile:


Tasty driving robotic beat there… look forward to having some new Dawnwalker in the new year. Think In Rooms may sneak onto todays playlist


Thanks man :slight_smile:


New MueseuM album! @Bamnan!


Thats a link to my new song (composed sang etc.) If anyone sees this and wants to give feedback I’d love it.


going to commence my live listen and review now!


Oh this is a lot of pressure! I think it picks up after the first track!


Sonar Snore

great intro, sounds like a car crashed into a muddy lake at night with the alarm going! Now there’s a beautiful sorrowful synth line, very moogy and warm…starting to get jazzier now as the delays create a great relaxing bed for the lead lines to flutter out of. Just as my brain settled it’s taken a sharp turn into tense discord. This really has a great pace and build to it! Now I’m getting shades of 60’s enterprise intercom noises as the melody rises once again out of the murky water. It’s early am now and the sun is beginning to rise.

Very beautiful!


Cosmic Noise Hut

I’m loving the sputtering texture on the noise at the beginning, like a playing card in the spokes of a bike wheel.

This is perfect after bath and beer music. There’s the strains of a lonely chant in the distance, almost like whale song, sounds like it might be some kind of cello or is that your bass with some serious treatment? Sounds great whatever it is, thick and rounded!


Uncle Olaf’s Oilskins

Nice chimes here at the start, reminds me of a plugin I can never find a good use for on Ableton, forget the name right now. Wish I wasn’t so afraid of detuned/discordant stuff in my music.

Now I’m getting an image of a lonely spaceman hopping on the moon’s surface for fun, jumping in time to the delay/echo on the guitar lines. There’s that lovely warm synth line again. Is Space the theme for this one? It does have that feel to it. Great cinematic sense of space in the mix, everything seems to sit very nicely indeed.

My only problem is it’s making me want to drift off into a nice nap! (that’s not an insult, I love music to fall asleep to)


Thanks Bam! I think ‘Sonar Snore’ is my least favourite on the album but I LOVE your description!

Genuinely going to have to listen back to this to figure it out!


Those chimes are a bass would you believe! Space is almost always the theme for us!


Shit In Italics

Ah turns out I must have been playing this instead of Sonar Snore somehow! So consider that my review of this one


Yaaaay! That’s one of my faves! I set that as the first track to play as a highlight, my fault!


actual Sonar Snore

Liking the thick bass chords, like a plodding journey, reminds me of a king crimson thing but I can’t remember which…maybe something off larks tongues idk.

The synth pad really sets this off a treat, I love how the bass is very much leading this and given room to express itself. Oooo! there’s suddenly a really beautiful chord change for a brief moment before returning to the solemn march.

Great how the bass slows at the 5 min mark, almost to catch it’s breath as the strings now rise. Shades of Godspeed here!


that’s because it’s gorgeous and atmospheric.


Mam Got Thick At The Catholic Church

lovely fuzzy distorted keys, has this been played through a pedal of some kind. Nice and thick!

(sorry I am bad at this but trying my best…I’m no critic)