Share your Spotify playlists


I don’t have as much time any more to seek out new and interesting (or even old and interesting) music. Spotify playlists are a lifesaver in this respect, but I feel a bit grubby listening to music suggested by an algorithm.

Therefore I’d love you to share your Spotify playlists what you gone and done.

Here’s one from me to kick things off

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Just started making monthly playlists, a combination of lots of new stuff from the month mixed with older things I’ve been enjoying. Here’s April’s

Also got a few genre specific playlists:

I just had a look through a bunch of my spotify playlists and they’re all like 9 hours long. I’ve completely forgotten how to make one of a reasonable length.

I made this one just now to buck the trend:

Also: JETS TO BRAZIL! :heart:

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The most recent playlist I made is of every top 40 hit from 1987. It’s 23 hours 53 minutes long.


Nice! That’s fine as it has a theme and needs to be that long. Mine start as nice manageable things with a few songs I like at the minute on them and the next thing I know they’re in triple figures. No discipline.

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I did this one a couple of years ago when the snooker was on, one song for each red (eg. Coxcomb Red by Songs: Ohia) and each colour.


I’ve been making monthly playlists of tunes that I have discovered/rediscovered - no curation, they’re all in the order that I add them. They go back to May last year (all accessible from this thread)

Most of these are quite old, I don’t make many playlists these days apart from ongoing yearly ones.

Scottish artists -

Cover versions -

Shoegaze -

Alphabetic artists -

here’s mine about robots

Here are some I made for my old pub.

Party Bangers:

Pop punk (loose definition)

Old man guitar music



All encompassing general playlist (includes some Irish trad)

I did a Robots one once!

I live in Sweden, so I’ve been trying to make a list of great Swedish artists / bands. Here is my current top 100 - any suggestions more than welcome! :wink:

If you were creating playlists for each of the elements, would you, for example, include songs with “Waterloo” and “Waterfall” in the title in your “Water” playlist?

Asking for a friend…

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Just played this and noticed that I put it together three years ago today!

Personally, “Waterfall” yes, “Waterloo” no.

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This is my introduction to hiphop playlist I made for a friend a while ago who said he didn’t like hiphop to convince him that he did, but was just listening to the wrong stuff.

Turns out he really doesn’t like hiphop after all…

I did enjoy making this playlist though.

Will share mine but want to disconnect it from facebook first.

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My favourites of 2019 so far

Summer music

Japanese music

Thanks so much for all these- so much to listen to!