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  • keep the blue elastic bands you get with spring onions and use them to wrap around packets of open lentils, coffee, rice etc.
  • to make chocolate bourbons taste a bit minty, keep an open packet of polo mints in the biscuit tin or cupboard where you store them
  • get a government who will tax rich people, invest in public services, not deport everyone and things like that by joining the Labour Party
  • wear ear plugs at gigs
  • buy a little delicates laundry bag for washing your bras


put a pinch of sage in your boots, and all day long a spicy scent is your reward.


If you want to get rid of hiccups, hyperventilate and then hold your breath when you can’t fill your lungs any more. (Probably don’t try at home but works every time for me)


a pizza cutter is the best implement for cutting pizzas


The wrappers of starbursts are edible, life is too short to remove them


please only real tips


The other option that works well is to hit yourself really hard in the diaphragm, like, wind yourself. It hurts, but it’s worth it.


Next time you are in a hotel take all the little shampoo and shower gel bottles and keep them. Then next time you go away you can refill them with shampoo you already have in your bath room and they will be small enough to go on a plane and you will save money e.g if you’re staying in an airbnb rather than hotel the next time.

No I don’t do this


Baby wipes and antibacterial hand gel are life-savers in so many situations and fill in nicely for almost all other household cleaning products in a pinch.

Put your bed linen (folded) inside one of the pillowcases for the set - it makes it super easy to file them in your airing cupboard or whatever, and they stay neat.


yeah if I’ve used a face wipe to clean my face, I always give it a quick rinse afterwards then use it to clean surfaces


This is genius. Thank you.


No worries! I can’t remember where I got it from, but it’s brilliant (when I remember to do it - when I don’t, I curse myself).


Antibacterial hand gel can fuck off but I will definitely be tryjng that pillowcase thing


Oh yeah, also, store pillowcases and duvets inside out to make putting them on quicker. You can tell I’m a riot at parties.


when I am stuck with some data problem, more often then not the answer is a cartesian join


i’ve got a good one. its fun, and I’ve been doing it for years.

easiest way to change your duvet cover is to turn it inside out after washing (so that the zip or buttons or whatever are ‘inside’ the cover’). Next, get inside the duvet, like a ghost, pinching the top two corners of the cover. next you want to find the corresponding corners of your duvet, grab them (you’re still inside the duvet cover ofc) and pull.



This is what I do, minus the getting inside part because apparently all the whimsy is gone out of me. I’m going to do it your way next time, it sounds like fun.


its one of the main reasons behind my many breakups.


I do that and my boyfriend laughs at me :ghost:

(done it about twice cause he does 90% of the housework)


thats the only way I’ve ever been able to do it, read this have yet to make it work