Shared towels



Growing up, my family all used the same towel. Post shower / bath, there was a towel hanging up and we all used it.

With my modern sensibility, I would judge someone who does this now, but it was the most natural thing in the world at the time. You were clean after washing so why not use the same towel?

Someone sent me this:

and it made me think maybe it was weird.

Was it weird?


at the same time?


No, we would shower individually and sequentially.


Sounds like whoever used it last got a raw deal. Wasn’t it pretty wet by then?




It didn’t get washed every time everyone had used it once.

I’m not sure how often it was washed tbh.


We were a crab free household.


Absolutely nothing wrong with drying your face where your dad has been drying his anus.


I remember a girl at uni telling us she’d used the same bath towel as her brother and caught scabies. She was forevermore cruelly known as the ‘scabie queen’. If that isn’t a cautionary tale against sharing towels…


It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.


Pretty sure I shared a towel with my sister until a certain age.

We counted ourselves lucky with the tales my mum told of her sharing the bathwater with her 8 (EIGHT) siblings.


It’s certainly a cautionary tale about keeping your mouth shut.


While I’m sure most people are ‘clean’ when they get out of the shower, when you are drying yourself you rub into the towel dead skin cells and bacteria (from all parts of your body you have touched with it) into an invitingly damp environment for growth.

Sure why ever wash a towel if you’re clean when you use them?


Yeah growing up did this because how are you going to complain when you don’t know any better. But I don’t think I took all that many showers or baths as a kid, probably can remember about… seven different baths during the entire course of my childehood


Who said we shouldn’t wash towels?


Do you think the towel sharing affected you in anyway?

Do you think you’d have been a healthier adult if it hadn’t happened?


Yes, sadly its affected me in a negative way. I cannot use any towel unless it is completely dry otherwise I’m filled with complete revulsion and am often left retching in a ball on the bathroom floor.

Undoubtedly I would be a healthier adult were it not for the scourge of towel-sharing.


I’m sorry to hear that, must be particularly difficult when it’s humid.


Yes. and not only that, when it is cold I am often left shivering since all my towels are left drying on radiators which of course prevents the radiator from providing its heat to the room as it should.


I did not know that about radiators! I’ve been covering them with things for years! No wonder it was so bloody cold!