Shared towels



Took me ages to work it out. Should really be in a stickied thread, but my word round here counts for very little.


It was suggested sharing was okay because we are clean when we use them, so having another family member use the same one straight after is okay because the towel will still be clean, if a bit damp.

Following that logic, the towel will always be clean no matter how many times it is used. In which case, what is the point of ever washing them?


No-one’s suggesting never washing them at all, that’d be a terrible idea.

Is that what you do?


I don’t use regular washable towels at all.

I only use single-use, disposable paper ones. Much more hygienic and cuts back on laundry bills.


I do that at work sometimes when I’ve forgotten my towel and have cycled in.

Problem I find though is that then you smell a bit like a paper towel after, haven’t managed to find an odourless one.

It’s not an altogether unpleasant smell, but I’d prefer it if it was neutral, you know?

Any brand tips?


Sounds like these would be perfect for you. They have bicycles on them so even after you’ve finished your cycle and are wiping yourself down, you can still be enjoying the thrill of the ride!


definitely dodgy with MRSA etc these days


Definitely weird. I just burst out laughing when I was crashing at a mate’s once and when I asked him for a towel he said “just use mine”. Even though you’re clean coming out there’s going to be lots of dead skin and hairs (potentially pubes) and you never know how thorough other people are when drying off, ie. do they use it to dry off their ass/genitals? Basically, I don’t want to rub something on my naked body that has been rubbed on somebody else’s naked body before (banned act etc). It’s gross imho.


Yes, yes. Sharing towels is normal… IN PRISON!!!


I also find the idea gross now, but never questioned it at the time.

Wanted to see what the average DiSer made of it (and @zxvcbnm too)


You wouldn’t share a car.


Flared bowels


In my block of flats we just have one massive towel in the middle courtyard. Everyone showers in their own flat, comes outside and rolls around until dry. Completely hygienic and fosters a great sense of community in this increasingly fragmented world


Some admirable cat_race-ing ITT this thread.

Also: with the magic E, towel ought to be pronounced toe-ell. #makeustink