Shared workspaces

Anyone rented a desk in a shared workspace before? Thoughts? I’m thinking about renting one because I just don’t feel productive at home and I don’t currently have a spare room to use as an office.

I use the library when I need to write things and it’s much better than sitting at home

if i posted on dis from the library my posts would be really high quality

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This wouldn’t work me unfortunately as I need to be able to make and take calls.

oh yeah they hate that lol


I saw a nice place once that said it was an office but it was just full of people trying on shoes


I applied for a job at a place that exclusively used one, along with remote working.

I didn’t get the job though so I’m no use to you. Sorry.

Thanks anyway pal

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If I was freelance or whatever I’d definitely use one, cos I hate working from home more regularly than about once a fortnight.

Kind of - have worked for a few people who have been based in one of those “co-work” places. Usually been at least a couple of us rather than just me though, and I’ve never had to pay. I don’t mind them. You do have to suffer a few idiots (of which I may have been one) but they’re great for earwigging funny chat and general people-watching when you get bored.

The new wave of places like We Work are usually really nice premises but tend to attract a certain type of business/person and are (I’d imagine) mega expensive. The slightly more out-of-town ones have been nicer to work in.

I prefer them to working remotely/from home.

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Just work from a pub

Did you feel like you could openly make calls take part in phone conferences? I’d be looking for one that had some kind of open area or something so I could make them away from my desk but that’s the concern at the moment.

I used to go to one every Wednesday until I got a home office setup. It was nice to get out of the house and I was more focused both on my co-working day and on other days as it felt like more of a treat to WFH. Once I got my home office sorted it stopped being so useful as I missed using my screen and my own chair and stuff, plus I started working away a lot and wasn’t using my membership as much.


I used to use one when working remotely back when I lived in Brisbane, lasted a bit over a year in the end. I have no discipline, so the silent judgement of other people seeing whether I was just turning up and surfing the web all day helped me.


Haha this is me too


Oh yeah, totally. There was a recruitment company on the same bank of desks as us and they were on the phone all day. They used to ring a f**king bell when they made a placement actually.

Oh god :grimacing:. I’m fine with that actually I can wear ear plugs.

I’m in one at the moment, as our office flooded about two months ago. There’s probably about 40 people here in all. It’s fairly noisy – conference calls etc, so I just use headphones most of the time. It’s pretty much like any other office. I’d recommend it – it’s much better than working from home.

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Thanks everyone, seems most people are pretty positive about it so I’ll take a look at a few.