Shares in the Nottingham-based company have risen by 660% over the past two years, making it the most successful firm in the FTSE 250 share index


In your FACE, @thewarn


It’s because they’re increasingly doubling down on the space marines which are the fascists of the 40k universe.


“As nerds have got richer, nerd culture has grown”



I think only the second half of that sentence is accurate.


I think it’s about bacteria.


Makes perfect sense.


Orks are really the only sympathetic race


I agree.


They’ve got a job going for a background content writer.

How hard can 40k fanfic be? :thinking:




his mighty chainsword…


I hate how it’s always Catan that’s cited when penoid board games are mentioned at a high level.


The Story Of O(rcs)


Actually sort of a dream job?

Like it’s probably all really about world building, creating timelines and brief story outlines. All of the fun bits of writing, none of the actually hard bits.


obv not ever going to have the patience or budget to return to 40k, but def thinking of stepping up from Firefly to Force Nine’s much meatier Star Trek boardgame…


So I think that one of the reasons they’re doing well is that they’re deliberately lowering the barrier to entry by releasing more small squad games - Blood Bowl, Shadespire, and most recently Kill Team, which I gather is basically skirmish-scale 40k.

None of this is my cup of tea, but from being adjacent to it (common venues with my stuff) it seems that Shadespire in particular is doing really well, and there was a lot of launch hype for Kill Team.

If you want a super meaty Star Trek game, check out Frontiers.


This is bullshit


no u


But at what cost to their dignity?
Have never met a single human (they’re all single!) that plays warhammer. Not one


They’ve been re-releasing classic models I could never afford when I was young, but they’re only available for a week

They’re absolutely killing me. Costing me £300 a month easy.

They’ve done me like a kipper