Sharon Van Etten

Bet you don’t really

To be honest, I don’t really talk about music out loud with anyone, so you are correct.

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Got an e-mail for a Spotify pre-sale that’s already live…


|21/03/2019|Birmingham, UK|Tickets|
|22/03/2019|Manchester, UK|Tickets|
|23/03/2019|Dublin, IE|Tickets|
|24/03/2019|Glasgow, UK|Tickets|
|26/03/2019|London, UK|Tickets|
|27/03/2019|Bristol, UK|Tickets|

Hmm, hopefully this doesn’t sell out any time soon because I got no goddamn pesos until at least after Christmas

Asssume ^this is a callback to your previous thread…

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You’ve got it the wrong way around. The reply inspired the thread.

Ah, the Roundhouse - easily the cuntiest venue in London. Ahm oot.

Think I’ll pass too. It’ll be my first time missing her tour in a few years. Bit annoyed I didn’t go to her performance at the proms in August. Had the chance to get cheap tickets but didn’t know what to expect.

Watching her performance of New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down hurts a little :frowning:

Bit rich coming from the cuntiest guy in London!


fack off u cheeky qunt

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That comeback kid song isn’t very good, imo


I like this. It’s a much better evolution of her sound than Comeback Kid.

I guess I probably have to get a ticket to see her on her upcoming tour now. That song single handedly makes me want to see how her new material would work live.

I love her but I reckon I’m going to save hearing any teaser’s of her new stuff until I buy the album. Is it January(?) cause that feels like a long time to wait.


Love that one, best yet

New track is great. Really looking forward to this record now. Hope she supports The National in Manchester

She really is going big time this album isn’t she?

Seems to be everywhere in press at the moment - new tunes sound great too!