Sharon Van Etten

Love that one, best yet

New track is great. Really looking forward to this record now. Hope she supports The National in Manchester

She really is going big time this album isn’t she?

Seems to be everywhere in press at the moment - new tunes sound great too!

Buzzed for this album but it’s going to take something else to top the last one for me.

All 3 tracks have been quite different. Wonder how the 3 songs fit into an album.

Still on the fence regarding getting tickets for her Roundhouse gig. Seen her on her last 3 tours but could skip this one. This album could do very well though and next time she’s back in the UK she could be playing even larger venues I’m less a fan of.

i like her song ‘Our Love’

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Never listened to her before, listened to Comeback Kid on a whim, loved it, checked for tour dates, Glasgow sold out.

So it goes …

Seventeen is really growing on me. Nice to she some familiar faces in her touring band.

Another song, You Shadow, up on Spotify now.

This is glorious

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Happy Indiekidmas everyone! To celebrate the first big Friday of the year we’re doing a quick show of hands on Twitter. Get involved.

“hands” is an absolute belter


This is just great.

Just a wee nudge for our new (physical!) music journal which comes out next week and has a cover feature with Sharon. It’s a lovely interview with a lovely person about a very wonderful album.

Available here if you’re interested:



I’m really enjoying the new album. Here’s the version of the cover I had to use on Facebook to avoid violating its rules on ‘nudity’


The new album really reminds me of Arcade Fire when they’re good (with female vocals obviously).

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Have been listening to this obsessively for the past week. The run from Memorial Day to Seventeen is just amazing. All ten songs are excellent, but it does start off in rather subdued manner. I wonder if the sequencing could have been improved. Not that this takes away from what is an outstanding album, so far I think it’s 2nd only to Tramp in her back catalog and will figure pretty high in AOTY ranking for 2019 I reckon.
Can’t wait to see her live in March.

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Tramp and Epic are good starting points. But in fairness, i think everything she’s done is great.


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