Sharon Van Etten

Just seen that in the US she’s playing with Julien Baker and Jay Som. Why don’t we get nice things?


I really like this song.

New song from a film:


There’s no filler

Might frame my Tramp album release poster I got from picadilly records

This should be great. Livestream solo performance of her 1st album.


Nine Inch Nails cover

This is pretty restrained. Not the emotional fireworks I was expecting.
Arguably its the first part of the video that really matters and that is as honest as ever.


This is fucking great! Better than i was expecting. God, SVE’s just great.

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It’s from a documentary about Pepe the Frog, hence the cover art!

It really reminds me of sort of Bends/OKC-era Radiohead b-sides for some reason. Enjoyed it on first listen.

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There is a definite ‘Let Down’ vibe happening from around the 3:10 mark onwards.

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Yes very Let Down. Like it.