Sharp fruits


Just had a baby at work tell me they can’t eat sharp tasting fruits. He’s a top lad but this has really demoted him in his colleagues’ eyes.

So yer rhubarbs and yer gooseberries and yer blackberries and yer suchlikes:

  • Sharp’s War (hate em)
  • Pat Sharpe (Love em)

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i love em but i really struggle with em early in the morning. opted for granola and berries this morning and they were so tart that it was quite a struggle to eat em.


actually fuck are gooseberries brexit?

  • Michael Govesberries
  • Couldn’t think of one for ‘no’

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perhaps only in jam form


tell that to corbyn!


Corbyn has reclaimed all jams for the left. Fruit in any non-jam form is Tory, sorry.


I have a sensitive tongue where sharp fruit makes my tongue bleed

still live for the sharp fruits tho


do you think that’s what the presenter of Fun House calls his testicles


fuck that’s pretty hardcore


Don’t take my Salty Kiss away xylo.


fuck this is a total turnaround!


Also rhubarb gets a pass cos it’s leaves can kill you. DANGER FRUIT.


Technically I’m not meant to eat grapefruit because it messes with my blood pressure drugs.

Then I read that it’s advice rather than a rule, and actually, it makes the drugs work more rather than rendering them useless, so I allow myself the odd grapefruit every now and then these days.


do you think that’s what the superhero mouse with Penfold as an assistant calls


between you and @meowington you’re like fruit based action heroes


Why TF would anyone voluntarily eat sour fruit. Weirdos



I’m making rhubarb compôte tonight.


You pairing this with a nice dessert hoogs or is it for granola or summink?


could go a fool or posset pretty hard right now