Sharp objects (a show on HBO)


this seems very very good.

amy adams is a journalist who goes back to her home town in the south to investigate the disappearance of teenage girls. it’s one of those ‘protagonist tries to solve a mystery and the audience tries to solve the protagonist’ stories. ghosts of the past and that. the direction is dream like.

it’s awfully bleak and includes a lot of self harm & unpleasant stuff.

you watching it? is the book worth reading? is the creators’ previous thing Big Little Lies this good?


Started this last week, it’s very good. She is fantastic in it, great feel of bleak small town America isn’t there?

Big little lies is really, really good. Excellent cast, fantastic scenery, incredible houses and very watchable. If you’ve ever done school runs or know the types of Moms you encounter it is doubly good.


How graphic/explicit is the self harm stuff?


very, if you were thinking of not watching for that reason then don’t imo.




Amy Adams is as amazing as ever in this. Bloody depressing show so far though.


yeah, the claustrophobia of the town is so well done, and especially the relationship with her mum, hard to watch them interact.

will have to download big little lies then, ta.