Shaved head

The petty things to break up thread reminded me of when my mates gf shaved her head without telling him she was going to do it. She previously had long hair. He wasn’t too happy that she hadn’t discussed it first.

Glad she broke up with him then.


His argument was how wud you feel if your bf got a face tattoo without warning you?

Hair grows back.

No going back from a face tattoo.


I bicced my head once. Took a LOT of disposable razors.

how many?

Is this an advert?

Why didn’t you just say “I used many disposable razors to shave my head”?

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Your mate’s a cunt.

If you’re on his side, you’re a cunt too.


Also he got a bit of a shock bcos he was asleep at there flat when she came back and he thought it was burglar.

Im not on his side but I can imagine it wud be a bit of a shock.

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Might have been a shock to her to learn she was going out with a cunt, tbf.



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It was the common parlance at the time to say one had bicced one’s head. To differentiate it from using clippers without a setting.

Having said that bic produce the manliest of shaves leaving you looking great on the outside and also glowing within. Tremendous for you and wonderful for the special lady in your life. They are very reasonably priced and a full list of stockists cans be found at


Seems like a bit of a child. Can’t see how that sort of thing would be an issue in any strong relationship, and it’s good that people remain individuals rather than just being half of a couple.

At the same time, i’m sure lots of people might feel awkwardness or embarrassment if their partner suddenly drastically changed their appearence or started dressing or behaving really differently. We can sit here and pretend we wouldn’t, but…


im not sure why your coming across so aggressively in this matter

He’s Scottish.


People can do what they like with their own hair without permission.

On the other hand I don’t think anyone, male or female, ever looks better with a shaved head than they did with hair.

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I think this could actually be complicated

I smell beeves brewing in this thread.

Let’s think about we’re going with this before we say anything else imo.


The idea that a person (especially a woman) should be asking permission from their partner to do whatever they want about their appearance is pretty disgusting.