Shaved head


Yeah, I go full Mach 3 with my head once or twice a week and I feel like saying I’ve “shaved” it doesn’t do justice to the comprehensive, silky-smooth follicular annihilation that’s just taken place


I’d strongly disagree, but that’s not really the point, is it? Maybe there are reasons other than wanting to ‘look better’. Men groom/don’t groom just for convenience, eh?

Is this going to develop into a shitsorm thread? I think this is going to develop into a shitstorm thread.


Yeah I disagree too. I had shit hair before I went bald, and now I just look average for a bald guy.


Almost everyone who’s balding does, imo. As a bald man myself there’s definitely some projection here, but when I see people who style their hair around a bald patch I can’t help but feel a twinge of pity for them. It’s coming from a place of empathy, though. Been there.




I know a few guys who absolutely make this look good
And I also find v short hair can be v sexy on a woman


I don’t remember using the word permission or agreeing with it.


Asking permission is one thing, yes… Giving fair warning is another.


Being surprised that she’d shaved her head = fine.
Being a bit shocked that she’d shaved her head = fine.
Wishing to be consulted about her plans to shave her head = woah bit needy!
Expecting to have input into her decision to shave her head = FOM
Dumping her because she shaved her head = Dodged a bullet there madam.


No one needs permission from a partner to do stuff with their own body, I think we probably all agree on that. Or do we?

But, I do think I’d probably run extreme stuff past my partner mostly because I want them to find me attractive.


I thought it was implicit in

Because why discuss it if not to seek approval or permission?

Anyway, I’ve said my piece. Ahm oot.


Often ponder when looking at Trump’s hair whether he’d look better bald or not.

Yeah, I imagine a bald Donald Trump.


I got a ring put in my nose whilst my boyfriend was on holiday. He did what any grown man should do in this situation. Stay quiet about it until I got bored of it and then go oh thank god I didn’t like that nose ring.


where does this stand with people who are only dating for sex/sexual attraction?


I think he might look a bit too much like a Bond villain


It’s been mocked up, he looks much better.


Yeah fair point, I retract the above



No way his head is that even. Didn’t he have scalp surgery or something? I think there’s something other than just baldness that that complicated crotchet is covering up


What am I, a Trump scalp expert?

(I am not)