Shaved head


Yeah I meant to say unless already balding as that definitely changes things


I’m not sure really!
If my boyfriend wanted to try out a new style or something, i’d be supportive of it. I don’t think i’d be suspicious of it.


Interested until I saw he wants 37 bucks for it.


I demand answ-hairs


My service is just £12.50



The only thing i regret about shaving my head is that it looks fucking terrible now i’m trying to grow it out. Might just go back to a grade 1.


^ thinly veiled “really wants to jizz on saps’ head” post


Absolutely, and that’s the positive attitude to have. At the same time we probably shouldn’t pretend there might not be limits. When you think about it logically there shouldn’t be, a haircut’s such a trivial, aesthetic thing it’d be silly for it to effect how you feel about someone…but what if, say, your other half suddenly started rocking a haircut like this…could we really say it wouldn’t cause some awkwardness?


Tricksy situations all round with this kind of thing. I’ve sort of grown a beard, mainly through laziness. I’m now at the point where it’s pissing me off, but Mrs F has gone on record as saying she likes it. Don’t know which way to turn!


not a hat person?


If you require my service it will be £12.50


I’d say sweetheart if you like your hair like that, have your hair like that

I’ve had…some hair in my time. I’d never do anything to myself if I was always worried what he might think of me!


He looks like a baddie from a lesser Marvel film, or maybe one of the TV series, which is obviously a look he should be aspiring to.


they’re all too itchy. i can’t wear one in the office either. been thinking about going for the retro silk scarf turban thing but i don’t think i could pull that off :confused:


But ARE there limits? Obviously we’re all entitled to opinions about things, but we’re also free to choose whether and how we express those opinions to people whose feelings we supposedly care about no?


yeah I’m getting really tired of having to hear hats all of the time because long hair is a pain. Might be time to get the clippers out


Swastika shaved in hair?


Keep the beard!

I have only ever known my boyfriend to have a beard and then he decided to cut the beard really short and oh lord he looks so weird. It’s like my eyes got used to his face ending at a certain point and now it ends a few inches shorter? Makes him look like a baby.

But meh whatever its his face. It makes him cry laugh whenever he cuts it cause i just scream WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY BOYFRIEND and WHATS THAT CHIN DOING THERE YOU DONT HAVE A CHIN


I’d really have to fucking love someone to take a haircut like that.


The week before Mrs HYG and I got married, she went and had a test run of her make-up and hair do, and when she came back, her eyebrows were totally different from before, so much so that I couldn’t help but say her eyebrows were totally different and it somehow changed her whole face. She liked it though and that was the end of it. (Good story).