Shaved head


oh i see @epimer already got there.

doesn’t actually look that bad once you get used to it


Well that raises a concern that’s nothing to do with personal style, doesn’t it?


I have to help my flatmate shave his head
I do the back for him


Not tempted to shave in your name or “CORBYN” or something?


trying to boost your post counts so you can plug your band?




you need to reach a certain number of posts before sharing links so it’s been noted that some of the newer posters spam a bit before getting the number to share their music


I’m on the fence. Obviously you should be able to do what you like with your hair without permission but, unless you are the type of person to spontaneously make such a drastic change, I would find it really odd that my partner hadn’t at least mentioned it in passing to me.

My hair is one of my best assets, I would look awful without it, and I know my partner loves it. I wouldn’t just unilaterally get rid, and I am about as far from a female doormat as you can get in this world.


I just wanted to post Hard Skin :cowboy_hat_face:


omg the clapping part


That’s @Balonz’s thread ideas for tomorrow reduced by one.


That was pretty much the situation


I actually think my bf would prefer it if I had shaved head. My hair gets absolutely everywhere. We regularly find ourselves eating it.


I am not in a band or musical. I am not sure why you wud post something like that to some one who is fairly new its not very friendly, and what does it achieve for you?


If you were to be in a musical, what one would you be in?






Starlight Express fro the roller blading!


Bet you looked cool as hell meow


The Grade 1 very much suited you :+1: