Shaved head


I think you meant to say Grease


Does his beard trap your hair like it’s made out of velcro? We’re having a lot of beard/hair tangles at the moment. She’s got a lot of hair and I’m in the scraggly stages of growing my beard out (I have been ordered not to shave it again) and there is hair fucking everywhere.


I feel your pain. Mine fell out badly in places after having a child. Having had bald patches though, I now realise that I need and want my hair more than ever!


Yeah I’ll look at him and theres like one bit all tangled up in there. Or i’ll pull away with it half attached to his face still :smiley:



I like having a buzz cut but can’t right now due to job searching and I have to look like a proper human being.


Once cut the back and sides really short but left the top completely untouched (as was the style at the time) and my then girlfriend laughed at me :frowning:



ive actually done something similar, and had my GF laugh at me too.

solidarity brother


Ah, the ol’ Meet Me At McDonalds eh


Depends I guess, every few months I shave off all my facial hair, which could be described as a drastic change, but I don’t really consult the TV about it because I guess I don’t really see it as that important?


Have you seen @Tilly though?

Oh wait, this has already been covered.


It’s one partners right to do what the hell they like with their body

It’s the other partner(s) right to decide what the hell they like in terms of whether they still want to be partners

People should just do what the hell they like






Was in the barbers recently. A lad come in and asked for a ‘modern French crop’. The barber nodded, gave him a short back and sides, took his £9 and wished him on his way.


Uh oh, sorry!


I shaved my head down to a very low grade once, and my then-girlfriend got extremely upset by this because she said she thought that it made me look like a thug. She was upset for days and refused to be seen with me.

That’s all I’ve got here.


Wouldn’t give a shit if I loved the person and they shaved their head or did something drastic but harmless to their appearance.

Probably go the other way and think yes! Now they’ll be mine FOREVER mwahaha


Mine said I looked like a hitler youth member (fair enough)



are just very weird.