Shaved head


I do the wife’s undercut

(Leave it)


Yeah I mean I did respond by petrol bombing her nan’s house.


Buzzcut is the best hair a person of any gender can have and I will dump anybody who disagrees


Laughing at imagining going home and my bf having a go at me over my split ends


When I shaved my head my ex couldn’t look at me for about three days. She did try but kept having to look away and carry on talking whilst pretending to do something else.


Must have been awkward during… nevermind.


She wasn’t a nirvana fan


Haha! Yeah, that’s what happens us!

Beards are great! Who couldn’t love a beard!


I remember when I shaved my head for the first time. Called over to my then GFs house and she practically jumped on me. Never grew my hair out again after that. Did wonders for my self-confidence.


Shaved her head, kill me now


Yeah, fine to be a bit put out if your partner shaves their head without even mentioning it to you. Not sure why people are pretending differently. My wife would be irked, I would look even more awful and she has to be seen in public with me, so…


if your partner did this (anon)

  • Wouldn’t care
  • Would care a bit but wouldn’t say anything
  • Would care and would say something
  • Instantly break up with them

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if you did this, your partner (anon)

  • Wouldn’t care
  • Would care a bit but not say owt
  • Would care and would say something
  • Instant breakup

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nm fixed!


Can I vote for if MrS got a ponytail as he has a shaved head now?



The juxtaposition of our two posts really made me smile

(…through gritted teeth)


I am unable to vote on this because I feel like “wouldn’t care” embodies refusing to even acknowledge anything’s changed while “would care” implies being a dreadful controlling partner. :smiley:

On that basis of ‘wouldn’t care’ I am now thinking of how far @epimer could carry this

if his partner came home with a shaved head out of the blue, TBH.


Have you pulled that from your database?


When I started going bald the hairdressers asked if they should cut it in a way that hides the gaps (or words to that effect).

After I left I went to Argos and bought some clippers. That was it. All off.


Imagine if you had decided to do it there and then.

  • Alright Boss what will it be? You want me to try and do something to cover up the thin bits, now I’m no magician but …

presses index finger gently against his lips

  • Not today my good man. Take it all off

  • You are magnificent Boss

  • Thank you