Shaving thread



I’ve wanted to do this for ages but keep forgetting (it’s possible that I have done a shaving thread before though and have just forgotten about it), I was reminded of shaving in that Life’s too Short thread.

-How often do you shave?
-How many times can you get away with using your razor (if you wet shave).
-Any other shaving related shenanigans.

I don’t like shaving.

  • six days a week, usually
  • I change the blade every Monday morning but could probably get a few more days out of it
  • n/a


Six days, that would do my nut. Twice a week for me.


sometimes just once


Tell me Epimer…

What kind of razor do you use?


I hated shaving until I started doing it right, so I’d advise that. It’s less of a chore than brushing my teeth, even with an electric toothbrush.


Got the ol’ Phillips OneBlade last time we had this thread and I am pleased with it.


i think the last time i had a full shave was two years ago,

neck gets a wee tidy up a couple of times a week though.


Whatever’s on offer in Budgens, literally doesn’t matter.


I trim my beard once a week.


It’s possible that I’m not doing it right, daddy never taught me how to shave (pearl jam b-side)


Trim with clippers about every 10 days, I just do it when it starts to irritate me.


Me either. Most embarrassing moment of my life was having to ask her to buy me razors, then suggesting I use on of her Bic disposables.


Really hate shaving so I haven’t bothered for a couple of weeks. Problem is I grow a really patchy ‘beard’ but at the moment looking like shit > shaving.


You’re probably doing it wrong.


I shave once or twice a week.
I am of course a tiny baby so don’t really need to that often but I should probably be doing it more than twice a week, it doesn’t look great atm.


just use an electric one innit, sometimes neaten up with a razor. cheers


Trim my beard with a Remington once a month or so (slow growing beard). Tidy the neckline and upper lip (stop the walrus look as the TV calls it) every couple of weeks.


trim the beard about once a month. use a little beard trimmer.


Haven’t shaved for years, need those extra minutes in bed. Trim my facial hair when I can start to sense my surroundings with it