Shaving thread

I shave once every few months when the beard becomes too feral. Usually just hack the lot off and start over fresh.

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Just run my shaver on about a grade 4 once every two weeks to keep abeardofsorts on the go. Quite want to grow up fucking huge beard maybe with an accompanying top knot, but my beard just goes a bit fucking weird after a few weeks of growth

Your friends and family would go a bit fucking weird after a few weeks of a top knot.

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Nooo you didn’t. You looked badass!

Head once a fortnight, chin once a week. On a Thursday. With a #2 hair clipper and a beard trimmer with no guard respectively.

Shave once a week usually, would like to do it twice.

I’m 28 and I still get spots/sore skin on my neck when I shave. Trying to find a potential remedy for this that isn’t not shaving for a while because I prefer the clean shaven look. Anyone had any similar experience / got any tips / got any tips for shaving ‘properly’?

No-one ever taught me when I was younger and I think I’ve just maintained bad habits into my adult life

mate this is literally a DiS thread about shaving. everyone simultaneously doesn’t give a fuck and gives a massive fuck

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Preamble: Currently using a Bic2 roughly weekly. It’s… OK. If I leave it longer than that, the beard gets itchy, and the Bic2 isn’t really up to the task, so I use head hair clippers without a guard to go back to stubble.

Would quite like to get into something like a twice weekly routine with something a little more refined than the Bic2. Looked into getting a starter/trial from Harry’s cos that sort of thing is what Buckles and Romesh shill on their podcasts. But a) they’re full-on beardyweardies, so what do they know, and b) it looks like they’re just an alt version of Gillette’s design and business model.


…having read this thread, ^those two, a couple from the old boards, and some other online bumpf, it seems like I need to page in @Epimer and @CHAIRMAN_LMAO for answers about the brace new (old) world of safety razors. Anyone else wanting to pitch in with knowledge is warmly welcomed to do so.

Q1. Double edged or single edged, and why?
Q2. Three-piece, butterfly, adjustable…?
Q3. How much to spend on a razor body to get something half-decent without spewing cash unnecessarily?
Q4. What brand(s) of razor and blade (and from where)?
Q5. What do you do with your used blades?
Q6. AOB?


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I’m no expert, but I got something like this however many years ago (five?) and it’s still going strong, even though it’s rusting a bit on the inside because I’ve never dried it after using it even once:

No idea if the £12 jobbies are as good. I’ve had no reason to get a more expensive one.

I bought these probably two years ago, since I use one blade a week:

After use, the blade goes back into the packet, and when they’re all used I close it up and put it in the bin. It isn’t fancy but they stay in it.

I’ve got no handy tips beyond that, because that plus the Nivea Sensitive shaving gel is my setup that Just Works™ for me so I’ve had no reason to do further research.

Swift and comprehensive. Ta.

I suppose the the only thing I forgot to ask about was the closed comb versus open comb option. There seems to be some opinion out there suggesting that open is slightly better suited to more growth and less clogging. But closed seems to be the default classic style.

Other than that, will prolly just buy the stuff you linked to cos it seems about right.

I use Bic3 dispsoable razor blades. I buy about 8 of them for £4. They do the job well enough. I use one razor a week (use the same one twice in a week), so I buy a packet of them once every 2 months or so from Boots.

My facial hair doesn’t grow very quickly though. I only shave about once every 4/5 days.

Literally only worked out how to shave properly a few months ago, used to think you were meant to have the soft bit above the blades parallel with the skin and always thought it worked terribly because I needed new blades

I have a double edged one. Not really sure why I went with that - TBH I think I just liked the look of it. It was from a place called Murdock but it looks like they buy a load of blank handles and brand them themselves - it looks identical to some of the Edwin Jagger ones but was obviously £10 more.

Use the same blades as @Epimer posted and have ended up using the soap that they include for free. Use each blade once. I have a little glass jar that used blades go in and they all go in the recycling when the jar gets full.

I have this brush and have used it for well over 10 years…

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After sizing up the Merkur 23C as a starting point, and scoping out the competition, I summised that there’s not a huge amount to set the main runners and riders apart from one another. Plumped for the Mühle Hexagon in the end cos I’m a sucker for anodised aluminium, and “the head used is the much acclaimed Muhle R89”.

And a variety pack of blades, to see if I can tell the difference.

Ordered from that company, despite the slightly naff name cos they’re a local lot that seems decent. This video is how I came across them. It’s unexpectedly calming.

First go with it today. With the usual Lush Prince cream. Unsurprisingly a different experience to the Bic2 used to date. Felt like a proper tool for the job. Decisive slicing of the hair, yet no nicks or cuts. Sluices out waaaaay better than the cartridge head razors, too. Yeah, I’m a convert.

The world of brushes and bowls and other shavingwanker accoutrements awaits.

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What was the razor plz


Now I know understand why shaving never seems worth it

I upgraded from almost cheapest to one that cost a bit more and it annoyingly does seem to make a difference, also seem end up with less cuts (I am terrible at shaving).

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Can’t envisage a time when I will ever wet shave again. Won’t happen. Not for a job interview or funeral or anything. Amazing. I’ve retired from wet shaving. Maybe they give you a wet shave when yer dead?

Shave more in the summer because my legs are out, barely bother through the winter. Not worth it.

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