Shaving thread

I really can’t be fucked anymore. Long flowy manes from every nook and cranny is where its at :joy: :unicorn:


I’ve had a beard for about 10 years, which requires a 20-minute trim once a week (just buzz it over on the 6mm setting then neaten up with the other tools).

Before that I was clean shaven, which I had to do every day, otherwise I would get ingrowing hairs that were really painful. Used to take me 20 minutes.

From ages 13-20 I used an electric philishave (because that’s what my dad used), and then after that a disposable razor, which would last about a week per blade. The switch to the latter helped my complexion a lot, but the switch to a beard was the big step.

In hindsight, I’ve since learnt that the disposable razor I used (Mach 3) probably shaved too close and could have been the cause of the ingrowing hairs, but I don’t think I’d go back to that routine anyway.

I got some sensitive wet razors last week, I’m not sure but it feels like they just don’t shave as closely and are more comfortable.

honestly don’t think anyone gives a fuck about my grooming routine. imagine being conceited enough to write 4 paragraphs on the subject.


foppyish’s reply says that you’re wrong.

Wet shave a few times a month when I have time to sit and do it in the bath with the radio on. Use a safety razor, new blade every time.

Trim with closest setting on beard trimmers every morning. My trimmers are crap though. Need constant charging and do go close enough. Who has beard trimmers that go really, really close?

  • once a week I reckon. about once a month or probably never in the winter?
  • until it starts ripping me to shreds; probably months tbh
  • no

whenever really

You shave with a toothbrush?

Don’t be fucking daft. An electric toothbrush.


Yeah I like to act as if stopping shaving is some sort of feminist decision but truth be told I just can’t be arsed.

I still do it if I feel like it but those days are rare.


Due to the almost inappropriate levels of testosterone inhabiting my body (no hair on head, like a fucking bear everywhere else), I trim my beard every two days. I trim to the lowest setting (0.5mm), and after two days it’s at about 1cm. If I clean shave, I basically need to do it three times a day or I needn’t have bothered (think Homer Simpsons shaving).

Of course, whilst this situation makes me 100% undesirable to the fairer sex, it does make for a fairly low-maintenance life. No hair products, no haircuts, no clean shaving, just keep everything at a very short level and repeat.

Trim to the lowest setting on my trimmer about once every 2 months.

Though trimmer broke recently and not sure I can be bothered replacing it. My brother recommendes the one blade for hacking beards off so may get one of those.

Yeah, I feel so sad for young me stressing about it so much. All the horrific waxing :confounded: gaaah. I could have been getting a manicure with a nice glass of prosecco for the same price!

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I think the WHOLE of DiS should not shave for 3 months and then we can all gather and admire our hairy growths. Not weird, not weird at all.


We did this at uni. We actually did it for exactly three months, at which point me and my mate Craig had phenomenal beards, most people had dropped out, and my mate Dan still had literally no facial hair. It was weird.

Shaving off incrementally was great fun.

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I like it. Like a more indie Movember or something.

“Hey, check out my wacky backhair!”

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Trim the beard once a week (when I’m working full-time, anyway). Neck beard is a daily/bi-daily job.

I’ve gone full horseshoe-bald too, so I shave my head once or twice a week. Absolute hassle tbh.

Swear by Mach 3 turbo blades - that strip of lube (lol) makes all the difference, especially when it’s getting dragged over my scalp

Does that mean we all have to shave today to start the growths at the same time?

Er, I can’t do that. Need to get my wife to do my back. Will have to wait til at least Saturday.