Shaving thread



Er, I can’t do that. Need to get my wife to do my back. Will have to wait til at least Saturday.


NO, no shaving required, just keep whatever you have growing. Don’t you have a moustache at the moment? Just let it grow my friend, let it grow.


About a year ago I got my back waxed. The girl was aghast at the scene. Anyway, I enjoyed the new smoothness. After two days, my back was covered in spots. After one week, the spots were gone and I had a full back of hair again.

Fuck it, I thought.


Hahaha. Similar happened to me when I used Nair on my shoulders.

My Mrs does my back with my beard trimmers now, just before holidays and stuff. She loves it. I kind of hunch over in the bath and she goes at it like a sheep shearer. Puts on an Aussie accent for some reason too - “Stay still, ya lil mongrel”

Quite the scene.


Don’t you end up with stubble then? And isn’t that an absolute nightmare?


Well the trimmers take it down to stubble, so it doesn’t get irritated or spotty like it would with a blade or waxing. So, no, not really. Feels weird for a few minutes then its fine.


Can’t believe I’m discussing this with a stranger. Feels… good.


I’m imagining her as Steve Irwin and you as a mischievous crocodile.


I’m looking forward to the spin off thread with videos.

Epimer teaches DiS how to shave.


You are right to feel this way.

Anyway, I can’t get my head around it being ok. Don’t your clothes get caught on the stubble? I mean if this is a goer it’s a gamechanger…


“First, you need to get a good lather going in your bum crack.”


No. Not experienced anything getting caught on it - t-shirts or shirts. However, the hair on my back isn’t quite as coarse as my beard, or even chest hair, so maybe that’s why?

Give it a go.


Can’t wait to get home. Maybe it can be my birthday treat.


“Can you trim my back hair please? A man I met on the internet told me to try it”


I’m already there tbh


No I shave it off because I looked like an idiot.


I just can’t imagine having to shave my face


I know emo is gonna come in here and accuse me of shaming but it’s just so weird


i think nearly 6 years for me.

trim with a beard trimmer as and when i feel i need it. it’s awfully uneven around the neck though, i’m really shit at doing that properly


I shave once every few months when the beard becomes too feral. Usually just hack the lot off and start over fresh.