Shaving thread



Yeah the cheap ones are dangerous

Also only shave my legs like once a month though so don’t really bother


Can’t envisage a time when I will ever wet shave again. Won’t happen. Not for a job interview or funeral or anything. Amazing. I’ve retired from wet shaving. Maybe they give you a wet shave when yer dead?


Once a month haha who am I kidding here… I’ve gone years in the past


Shave more in the summer because my legs are out, barely bother through the winter. Not worth it.


Generally shave my head and face within a day of whenever I need to be out in public. Right now that’s a few times a week, which is alright, but when I was working full-time I used to get a lot of redness on my head. Use an electric, never bothered to learn how to wet shave.


Once a fortnight, because i’m not a noddy with a micropenis.


A few Christmases ago i don’t know what happened exactly but Ol’ Ma Bugduv ended up doing the Christmas shopping at Costco on Christmas Eve and i ended up with enough Mac3 razors to last me twelve years and a year’s supply of Lynx Africa.


Once a week which isn’t really enough but oh my god it’s such a chore


About twice a week. More now I’ve got this subscription razor which makes my face all smooth.


having a beard is so good. do not miss shaving loads.


saw an advert about shaving earlier that invoked the concept of the hipster as an aspirational thing, surely this isn’t going to appeal to anyone, everyone hates hipsters, and even hipsters would not self-identify as such


There’s a Gillette advert that is just some regular razor blade factory worker, proper lunch pail and hard hat kind of guy, describing the quality of the razors, and nothing else.

Dunno if you get it in the uk, but that’s the sort of advert I like


the song after did me a bit.


I shave every morning pretty much. My chin hair grows really fast, I like the feeling of being clean shaven, and when my hair’s dyed blonde I look like a dick if I have a brown beard with blonde hair. I think I have a Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 at the moment (probably because it was on offer when I was in the supermarket and needed to buy a new one)


Out of those blades, I’d say Feather > Derby > Astra > haven’t tried the others because I get a year’s worth at a time for a tenner.


Don’t shave and get it done sorted by my barber once a month.

My Barber has just gone travelling and i’ve got to find a new one. It’s bad enough risking a new haircut with a new person but a beard trim is miles more easy to mess up and not be able to fix


So is the OneBlade worth buying

It’s 60 quid here. 60 quid!


I actually got one of these just before Christmas, it was on offer at the time. I’ve found it to be pretty decent, although the angle of the little plastic cover is a bit weird.


I think you know the answer to this already.


I got it when it was on offer. Does the job of keeping my beard neat