Shaving thread



Haven’t shaved since maybe Christmas Day, so hairier than usual at the moment. Will probably take the OneBlade to it tomorrow morning.


My beard is annoying me, might lose it. Anyone know if you can get it lasered off once and for all?


yeah i haven’t got the hang of it at all yet. very counter-intuitive


where’s here? i got it for 25pounds in Argos before christmas.


Czech Rep. That’s decent. It’s 45 on Amazon, will just order from there i guess


I have to say that the OneBlade has revolutionised my pubic area


Bloody love the OneBlade.


do you have the one blade facial one or the whole body one? (can’t remember the actual name probably TurboVisage and MaximMeta or something)


Just the facial one, but you better believe I’m using it for both my balls and my face.


i’m scared of the OneBlade because the one time i used it so far i made a big bald patch on my chin and i had to just say ‘fuck it’ and have a clean shave