She did well to get that

Old manager that used to work at my place gave me her email so I could forward her a role I’d been emailed about and her email address was just her first name and surname (both pretty common) . No numbers or owt. She did well to get that.

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In the early days of the internet one of my friends emailed dave @ to ask how he’d got that email address. Can’t remember what he said.

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Reckon I was on twitter early enough to have gotten just my first name as a handle, but I chose some stupid username instead

Probably “How did you get that email address?”


My gmail is just my common first name and uncommonish surname Annoyingly some prick rugby fan Freemason in Melbourne has the exact same except with one middle initial, and either through his idiocy or people taking his email down wrong I keep getting stuff meant for him. Dozy galah!

Got my pretty common name as my socials. Absolute security and future jobs prospect shitshow but it also shows i’m an early adopter and that’s more important than my safety or future


No, I meant that I can’t remember what Dave replied! He did reply though.

My email is but I have two pretty uncommon names.

I did well to get that


Doing a name change atm, was doing some admin last night and got, pretty chuffed about not having to have my DOB in my email address anymore, gonna be 28 years old for the rest of my life and nobody will be able prove otherwise.

I had to go to an Apple store once to get something repaired, and the person serving me made a comment about me being lucky having the email address I had. He then went on to explain that his email was (name redacted as that’s literally his name and email). He was very proud of this fact, and I felt like I wasn’t the first customer he’d mentioned this to. Explained that a good friend of his worked at Google around the time GMail was launched. Thinking about it now, a bit weird that I know his personal email address as a result too.

I wonder how many people born in 1969 decided to innocently include part of their birth year in their email address.

There’s an @Helen I’ve started following on twitter. She’s great posting value AND did well to get that


@barry on Twitter is a writer for a website I like, I remember him saying during the Obama years it was a nightmare as people would just tag him in their rants about the president.

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Heard a podcast about someone who’d got some shit like @lizard in the v early days of twitter, and some hacker psychopaths did loads of dark shit online stuff to make her give up the password to them so they could sell it for a load of money.

You mean this one?

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This story will only make sense to you if you grew up in Evangelical Christian circles in the 90s. But I remember my friend Aaron bagging the email address for himself. Mike Pilavachi was a guy who used to speak at all the youth conferences at the time, and headed up the Soul Survivor festivals. We all found it quite funny at the time, but looking back on it, it was a bit of a dick move.

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I’ve got the name of city I used to live in as one of my alt addresses apple let you have, which is quite cool but it’s not anything desirable like Paris or New York or anything.