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Debut album out Friday, streaming on NPR now

Thoughts on this band? I think they’re great fun, although maybe slightly silly… gonna see them in Mono (small cafe bar in Glasgow) a week on Saturday which ought to be a fantastic night.


They sound promising. Looking forward to the album. I’ve got tickets for their Islington Assembly Hall gig next week. A fun sounding yet badly named Aussie band called Terry are supporting. Should be a good double bill.

I really liked Fan the Flames - haven’t really listened to much more but I’ll give this a go!

Anixety are playing that right? fkn sweet line up

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Terry are AWESOME, even the name kinda makes sense when you see them


my review fwiw:

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I’m not sure. If so, I’ll check them out. Already it looks like a brilliant double bill.

Thought they’d split up, were hyped around the same time as the first royal headache album but not heard owt since

I’ve not heard their new album but ‘HQ’ was one of my favourite albums of last year (note they’re much punkier than this the rest of the time). Caught them at the 13th note (with Anixety) last summer and it was such a fun show

yeah I thought this too, and tried looking it up when I reviewed them, but I think it’s that other band who were kicking about the same time/scene who’s name I’ve now forgotten

Their first two ep’s were far better but they’re still awesome (thinly veiled “prefer their earlier etc”)


The new album is ace (even better than HQ).

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I’m listening to it for the first time now (cuz this thread reminded me)… yep!

They’re playing a very good line-up in Sheffield next week. Unfortunately, I’m going to be out the country. Actually, fortunately as Fluff Fest has a better line up

i’m supposed to be going to the gig at mono

Make sure you do

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Yes! Glad this has received positive responses, saw them at Primavera last year and they were great but some of my pals were a bit sniffy about the ‘Thin Lizzy riffs’.

Mono gig should be a lot of fun - apparently they have a late license specifically for it (…and also I am on holiday)!

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saturday night gig pal, we’re all on holiday :wink:

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Really gotten in to this album/band, greatly looking forward to getting hot and sweaty at tonight’s show in Islington.

Hoping that they have t-shirts with the Compilation logo on them. Surely they will!

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I’m going to this too. I like the album but not as much as I’d hoped for after reading all the very favourable reviews. Looking forward to a good live performance nonetheless.