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Why not? Re: album

Gutted I didn’t get a ticket for this m9s, enjoy

Twitter (and pals?) are your friend surely?

Ah yeah cash is a bit of an issue too :sweat_smile: I did see them last time they were in town too so can’t really legitimise it again but I probably will have a quick look around twitter

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I’m sure you can charm your way in :wink:

Still on Dice for a tenner:

Ah screw it g’wan then! :smiley:


Yay! I have to wait a whole month to see em in Berlin but should be good all the same

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I liked a couple of songs that I heard before the album release but thought the album was a bit samey. It’s ok overall but just didn’t hit me like it seemed to with most. They look good live though.

I’ve got a ticket for Fightmilk (a band a DiS-er is in) at The Lexington earlier tonight. Then I’ll head to Islington Assembly Hall. Looking forward to the evening.

maybe hearing them live will make the rest of the album come out?

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Will be there tonight as well. Found the album a pretty big step up from the EPs so really looking forward to it!

I can wholeheartedly second the love for Terry. Al Montfort (guitarist/vocalist) is probably the most prolific man in music and virtually all of his bands (Total Control, UV Race, Dick Diver, Lower Plenty) are brilliant.

Hopefully. Looking forward to the appallingly named band Terry who are supporting. I really like their album. Really looking forward to the various bands tonight.

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Was gonna sack off the support completely before you mentioned the Total Control connection. They are one of my favourite bands, will definitely get down there on time to check out this band too.

Yeah think we had this chat already but Terry are awesome (I even like the name)

Total Control are one of my favourites too! Terry are quite different (more cowpunk than synth-punk) but well worth getting there early for.

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i had no idea he was also in total control but that does make sense

Well I thought that was excellent. The whole band looked exactly how I was hoping, long hair swinging in rhythm with their riffs. Crowd was good, could tell they wished it was a Friday or Saturday show so they could let loose a little.

Logo tees were selling like hot cakes.

Crowd did NOT want to do the Corbyn chant

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They were good live. Good evening.

Enjoy Terry?